KrASIA is seeking story pitches on Asia’s tech startup ecosystem

In partnership with ContentGrow, KrASIA is seeking talented writers to cover the tech ecosystem in Asia. Please fill out the form to become a contributor.

KrASIA is seeking story pitches on Asia’s tech startup ecosystem

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In partnership with ContentGrow, KrASIA is seeking talented writers to cover the tech ecosystem across Asia. You can contribute different types of stories that it calls columns: “Startup Stories” (Profile of a startup), “Profiles in Tech” (Entrepreneurs, “Women in Tech”), “Q&A” (Interviews), “Venture Voices” (VC focus), or “Tech Culture”.


KrASIA is a digital media company reporting on the most promising technology-driven businesses and trends across Asia-Pacific. The firm is rooted in 36Kr, one of the leading technology and business news portals in China.

China’s rapid digital transformation shaped people’s lives, opening up opportunities and conveniences that were previously unimaginable. This wave of change was driven by adventurous entrepreneurs and backed by funding from discerning venture capitalists.

36Kr had the privilege of chronicling the rise of China’s TMT sector and grew alongside a booming ecosystem that produced global empires such as Alibaba and Tencent. Next to the flagship product, 36Kr operates the co-working chain Kr Space and Jingdata, a startup database.

Audience: Entrepreneurs and startups, investors, venture capitalists, and other stakeholders of the tech ecosystem, as well as a general audience that is interested in the fast-moving tech sector across Asia.

Here are some examples of published stories:

Startup Stories:

Profiles in Tech:


Venture Voices:

Tech Culture:

Key Details: KrASIA is looking for timely and well-sourced stories and pitches. Some questions to cover in company profiles may include:

  • Who are the founders of the startup and what’s the story of how they met and decided to build the company?
  • What’s the business model? Who are their users and clients? What problem is it solving for them?
  • What are some of the business metrics the startup can share to demonstrate its progress? Monthly active users? Revenue? Paying clients? GMV? Other interesting traction?
  • What are some of the difficulties founders encountered in the time of their operation? How did they solve these problems?
  • How are they funded? When do they plan to raise more funding, how much? Valuation?
  • What’s the plan for the next 2 years?
  • Who are the competitors and how do they differentiate themselves from the competition?
  • What’s the most important upcoming milestone?

Approximate word count per story: Typically between 700 and 900 words

Byline (Yes/No): Yes, we will feature the author’s name on the story.

Bylines in one or more of the following publications are highly desired:

  • TechCrunch
  • Bloomberg
  • The Business Times
  • Tech in Asia
  • e27
  • Nikkei Asian Review

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