Media on ContentGrow are seeking golf writers in the US

The aim is to explore a special subculture where golf, beer, and coffee intersect. Golf writers will help show what this means via articles on social media.

Media on ContentGrow are seeking golf writers in the US

ContentGrow helps content teams assemble and manage freelancers around the world. We connect our users to high-quality pros who are likely to fit well with certain projects. In this case, a client is seeking freelance golf writers. If this interests you and matches your skillset, please fill out the form below.

Media on ContentGrow are looking for US-based freelance golf writers who have experience writing long-form social media stories related to golfer lifestyle. The objective is to celebrate the culture where golf, beer, and coffee intersect, and showcase what this means through stories told on social media.

Writers need to possess native written fluency in English and be able to turn ad hoc social media stories around in a matter of days. Individuals selected for this project will be excellent communicators with clients and need very little hand-holding to produce great copy. They are also lightning-fast to respond to daily inquiries.

This project is best-suited for freelancers who reside in the US. Writers should be capable of crafting engaging long-form articles for the intended target audience: golfers that enjoy a good cup of coffee and a post-round drink.

Applicants should also be able to show a variety of published social media work samples. Those who are able to demonstrate a track record in golf storytelling and strong copywriting chops will be prioritized.

Perhaps you have experience managing social media campaigns related to golf courses and country clubs. Maybe you follow the latest stories and trends related to the sport. Perhaps you specialize in crafting insightful content related to coffee and beer.

Applicants with published writing and editing work in one or more of the following social media will be prioritized:

  • GolfDigest
  • GolfChannel
  • PGA Tour
  • The Golf News Net

Rates are fixed on a per published word basis.

If you haven’t worked inside of our platform before, here are the basics:

  • ContentGrow allows you direct access and comms with the clients.
  • Clients on ContentGrow pay freelance journalists in full, minus relevant taxes, commissions, and transfer fees.
  • There’s no obligation to accept assignments.
  • Before getting started, you will be briefly acquainted with our platform.
  • Our clients are major media outlets that will make strong additions to your portfolio.

If you’re interested, please apply by creating a free ContentGrow portfolio below.

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