From A to Z: Changi Airport's mystery destination contest

Participants can win weekly flights to mystery cities and a grand prize of flights to any of the 26 destinations in the "Travel A to Z" campaign.

From A to Z: Changi Airport's mystery destination contest

Changi Airport Group (CAG) has initiated a novel campaign and contest, promising an adventure to undisclosed destinations. Until 31 March 2024, CAG will distribute a pair of return economy tickets weekly to a mystery city for four weeks through its "Travel A to Z" contest.

This initiative introduces four letters over four weeks, each symbolizing a city. Contestants must decipher the city associated with the weekly highlighted letter in the campaign video for a chance to win return flight tickets to that location.

The revelation of the correct answers for the weekly mystery city occurs a day after the closure of entries for that destination. Moreover, each entry not only contends for the weekly prize but also participates in a grand draw, offering winners return tickets to any of the 26 cities featured from A to Z.

The selection of all winners, including those from the weekly and grand draws, will be finalized post-contest on 31 March, with notifications dispatched via phone and email.

Highlighting a sentimental component, Ivan Tan, group senior vice president of corporate and marketing communications at CAG, mentioned the nostalgic element of the old flight information flip board at Terminal 2 during its reopening. He emphasized that the campaign is not just a contest but an invitation to explore the world, reflecting the ease of discovering new destinations from Changi.

This campaign succeeds CAG's previous "Shall we just go?" initiative, fostering the joy of travel without the intricacies of detailed planning, and was conducted in collaboration with and Trust Bank to enhance travel experience and solutions.

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Flight contests as marketing campaigns

Campaigns like CAG's are vital for stimulating travel interest and engagement, especially post-pandemic. For instance, British Airways recently launched a campaign focusing on surprise destinations to rejuvenate the travel industry's appeal. Such initiatives not only drive immediate consumer interest but also reinforce the airline's brand as a leader in innovative travel solutions.

Similarly, Emirates' "Fly Better" campaign integrates the allure of exploring new territories with the promise of an unmatched travel experience, setting a benchmark for engaging potential travelers.

The significance of these campaigns extends beyond mere marketing tactics; they play a crucial role in the broader travel and tourism ecosystem. By generating buzz and excitement around the mystery and adventure of travel, airlines can effectively influence travel trends and preferences.

These strategies not only boost airline ticket sales but also contribute to the economic vitality of the destinations featured, showcasing the interconnectedness of airline marketing strategies and global tourism growth.

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