ContentGrow rolls out PR distribution in the US and APAC

Top freelance talent network and workflow app for content teams is now offering PR distribution to active clients on its platform.

ContentGrow rolls out PR distribution in the US and APAC

Earlier today, top freelance talent network and workflow app for content teams ContentGrow announced that it has begun running an international PR distribution beta for participating brands and marketing teams on its platform.

The rollout is slated to happen in stages, with the current beta phase offering English-only PR distribution in the United States and key APAC markets of Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, India, and Australia.

To date, ContentGrow has made a name for itself as a marquee destination to get grade-A content creation. It is known as the app that helps content teams work with top-tier, project-appropriate freelance writers and journalists at preferred rates.

Marketers use the platform to find and manage freelance talent, get professional blogging, thought leadership articles, press releases, and more. It is a one-stop, cross-border freelancer payment solution for clients.

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“We’ve established ContentGrow as a serious player in the US and APAC when it comes to offering the best talent and getting great stories. Brands, publishers, and agencies come in because they want to commission and scale wonderful content,” explained CEO Leighton Cosseboom. He added:  

“But with that in mind, creation is only one half of the full formula. The other half is distribution. We’re incorporating this to offer a full end-to-end solution for content marketers.”    

To get started, brands can sign up to ContentGrow and commission their first story. After getting matched with project-appropriate freelance writers, brands are allowed to continue working with the same people on an ongoing basis.

Here’s how the distribution works:

  1. If you're new, get started by registering a company on ContentGrow.
  2. Build your first assignment brief and add a balance to pay the freelancer.
  3. Be sure the commissioned brief calls for a ‘press release’ format.
  4. Once the work is completed, close the brief to get the freelancer paid.
  5. Next, click on the in-app chat support to request "PR Distribution."

6. You'll be asked to fill out a form and lock in the order by paying a fee.

Once payment is made, ContentGrow will process the order. This involves stringent vetting and approval steps to ensure the PR meets quality, formatting, and ethical standards. The team may even suggest edits and updates. If a client's PR is not approved within 24 hours, the fee is refundable.  

ContentGrow distributes PR via organic outreach, hand-picked marcomms vendors, and relevant newswire services. This ensures the story is properly shared with individual journalists and relevant media organizations.

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Within five working days, clients will receive a report that shows which media published the story, as well as other metrics related to the number of potential viewers, ROI, and more.

For preliminary questions about PR distribution in the US and APAC, brands can also get in touch on email:

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