Journalists' role in climate solutions gains recognition

Highlighting the 2023 SEAL Awards recognizing journalists for impactful climate change reporting and advocacy.


Journalism is crucial in the battle against climate change, raising awareness and encouraging action. Journalists cover everything from large-scale environmental crises to the daily decisions impacting our planet, educating the public about climate change's complexities. This work is vital for sparking necessary conversations and actions.

Independent journalists are especially important, braving risks to uncover critical stories that might otherwise remain hidden. Their dedication to factual, impactful reporting helps drive the global conversation on climate action.

Such efforts are recognized by initiatives like the SEAL Environmental Journalism Awards, highlighting the significant role of journalism in addressing climate challenges.

Recently, the 2023 SEAL Awards honored twelve journalists, all first-time winners, for their brave and resourceful reporting that has elevated public discourse:

In particular, Kate Yoder’s work at Grist is notable for its comprehensive coverage. She addresses a range of climate issues, from the global consequences of environmental disasters to their local impacts, such as the way we cook, garden, and even how we schedule our children's playdates. Her articles on corporate green hushing and legal aspects of climate policy have been particularly notable.

Saqib Rahim and Lois Farrow Parshley, notable freelance journalists, are also recognized for their extensive and diverse reporting, demonstrating the enduring value of independent journalism in environmental coverage.

“Environmental journalists face significant risks in their work, especially freelancers under corporate and political pressures,” noted Safa Bee, Impact Lead for SEAL Awards. “These journalists represent a global effort to bring forth truth, promoting positive change in our shared future.”

These journalists were chosen based on a review of their work, data-driven analysis of the impact and reach of their articles, and their ability to bring fresh perspectives and social relevance to environmental issues. The SEAL Awards, an environmental advocacy organization, also honor leadership through corporate sustainability awards and fund research and environmental impact campaigns​​.

Awards like the SEAL Environmental Journalism Awards play a key role in supporting and motivating journalists in their efforts to address climate change. By recognizing the contributions of these professionals, such awards help ensure that critical environmental stories are brought to the public's attention, aiding in the global effort to understand and respond to the climate crisis.

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