What really costs more: free or paid press release service?

Compare free and paid press release services to find the best fit for your PR needs.


Have you ever browsed through our comprehensive list of newswire services and wondered about the existence of free press release distribution options? Chances are you're wondering what distinguishes these free services from their paid counterparts, apart from the obvious difference in cost.

Press releases are crucial in corporate communication, connecting businesses directly with media, journalists, and the public. This is particularly vital for startups and lean content teams making pivotal choices in press release distribution.

The decision between free and paid services involves more than just budget considerations. It's about understanding how each type of service can impact your PR strategy.

Free services, while budget-friendly, may have limitations that affect campaign success in terms of reaching national media, but they also offer their own benefits in terms of SEO.

In contrast, paid services, though more costly, often provide broader reach and enhanced features. The right choice balances budget, reach, customization, and strategic value, tailored to your specific needs.

To make your decision more firm, we have summarized 5 key factors to strengthen your decision whether to opt for a free or paid press release distribution service.

Media coverage and distribution

Free press release services offer a no-cost option for distributing your news. However, their reach is typically limited to a specific set of platforms that also operate under a free model. This restriction often results in a narrower audience reach and limited media types.

On the other hand, paid services provide a broader spectrum of distribution. They allow targeting based on specific locations, audience types, and media categories, ensuring that your press release reaches relevant and influential platforms. This targeted approach is crucial for maximizing visibility and impact.

However, if your target is still at building your company’s website authority in search engines, this might be a good start with less cost than a paid service.

PR creation

When it comes to creating a press release, free services generally offer minimal support. You're responsible for crafting the press release, and the tools provided are often basic, for instance, a generic form with placeholders to upload your press release.

In contrast, paid services may offer additional help, such as professional editing, formatting assistance, and the inclusion of multimedia elements. These features can significantly enhance the quality and appeal of your press release, making it more likely to catch the attention of media outlets and your target audience.

If your company already has a dedicated and experienced internal press release writer, opting for the free service might be a good fit since you only need to upload the release right away.

Tracking results

Paid PR distributors always provide their clients with a detailed report of the campaign and its progress. On the other hand, free PR distributors do not provide such reports. So, if you’re opting for the free service, it is recommended to spare dedicated time to track down coverage by searching your brand’s name after the press release is distributed.

Workflow and collaboration

The dynamics of collaboration and workflow vary greatly between free and paid services. Free services typically offer a straightforward, one-way distribution process with limited interaction. This might suffice for simple, straightforward PR campaigns.

However, for more complex or time-sensitive campaigns, the collaborative elements of paid services become invaluable. They often incorporate features that enable integrated workflows, strategic alignments, and direct communication with PR professionals. This can be particularly beneficial for coordinating large-scale campaigns or managing a rapid response to unfolding events.

Strategy and timeline

Timing is a critical factor in the effectiveness of a press release. Free services, while efficient, may not offer the strategic timing necessary for maximum impact. Paid services often have established relationships with journalists and media outlets, leading to quicker and more strategically timed releases. Their expertise in determining the optimal publication timeline can significantly enhance the visibility and impact of your press release.

The choice between free and paid press release services isn't just a financial decision; it's about measuring the potential return on investment.

Free services, while cost-effective, may not provide the desired reach and customization. Paid services, requiring a financial investment, often yield better results through targeted distribution and professional features.

By understanding these differences and aligning them with your business goals and PR objectives, you can choose the option that maximizes the effectiveness of your press release campaign.

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