How to choose the best press release distribution service

With so many options out there, here are key factors to consider before choosing press release distribution service for your company.

How to choose the best press release distribution service

Press releases play a crucial role in communicating key business developments, such as product launches and significant company updates, and are instrumental in attracting investors. Therefore, selecting the right media outlets is vital for their success. Many businesses turn to press release distribution services to aid in this process.

With a multitude of options available, identifying a press release distribution service that aligns with your needs can be challenging. ContentGrip has identified several factors to consider when selecting a service for your company.

1. Target audience

Determining if a service has the capacity to reach the right journalists and influencers for your audience and location is key. Many services focus on particular business areas or regions.

When choosing a service, it's important to consider the kind of media coverage you need, whether for niche trade publications or broader consumer media, as not all services have the same reach within each niche.

2. Features

Commonly, press release distribution services offer two primary functions: distributing the press release to journalists’ inboxes and publishing it on partner news outlets and blogs.

Some provide additional features, such as social media influencer outreach, enhanced search engine visibility, or even website creation for investor relations.

Be aware that extra charges may apply for including multimedia content in your release. Additionally, the reporting capabilities of the tool should be evaluated to understand the insights it can offer for measuring PR success.

3. Pricing

Pricing structures for press release distribution services vary widely. Some may charge additional fees for advanced features.

For newcomers, a service with straightforward pricing is recommended. Alternatively, a performance-based model like ContentGrow's may be considered, where costs depend on the coverage achieved by the press release distribution.

4. Analytics and tracking

After considering the key factors in choosing a press release distributor, ensure that they provide clear and transparent reporting. This could be in the form of an analytics dashboard or manual reports.

Some platforms, leveraging AI, offer dashboards to track and analyze press release performance, though these services may come at a higher cost than those providing manual reporting.

In your search for the ideal press release distribution service, consider not only the key factors mentioned but also the provider's track record and client testimonials. For a comprehensive guide, explore ContentGrip's curated list of the top 23 newswire services, tailored for various industries.

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