Streamlined newsrooms: how AI is boosting three newswire and press release distribution services

See the impact of AI on three leading press release services, boosting efficiency in news dissemination.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is significantly altering the landscape of the writing industry, facilitating faster production of high-quality content. Its influence extends into the public relations sector as well.

We’ve seen digital agencies around the globe incorporating AI into their content creation processes, effectively managing time-intensive tasks. This trend is supported by research; a McKinsey study indicates that generative AI has enhanced productivity in various sectors, including customer operations, marketing, sales, software engineering, and research and development.

In a similar vein, newswires are now utilizing this technology for automated content generation, increasing content diversity, and offering more personalized services.

Here are the top three newswires and press release distribution services that have incorporated AI into their operations:


ContentGrow integrates AI into its unique marketplace and workflow application for content teams. The platform connects clients with PR freelancers, often with strong media relations in their markets, to comprehensively manage campaigns.

In 2023, ContentGrow introduced Brief AI, a tool enabling content teams to generate editorial assignments using titles and content formats. This AI-assisted draft simplifies the drafting process, allowing for efficient customization.


In 2023, GlobeNewswire launched its AI Press Release Generator, positioning itself as the first newswire service to adopt generative AI in this way.

The tool helps clients draft content based on initial inputs such as headlines, storylines, topics to avoid, and company quotes. Its aim is to streamline the press release creation process, providing businesses with a more efficient means of communication.

EIN Presswire

EIN Presswire offers an AI-powered press release generator, enhancing its array of services. This tool enables users to produce up to 25 press releases daily at no additional cost.

To use it, users simply provide a topic description, and the AI Press Release Generator efficiently crafts content in multiple languages. It also boasts the capability to detect and correct typographical and grammatical errors, thereby ensuring the quality of the output.

This addition simplifies the creation and distribution of press releases on their platform, making the process more accessible and user-friendly.

The use of AI in newswire services is changing how we share news and stories. Examples like ContentGrow, GlobeNewswire, and EIN Presswire show this change towards better and easier communication. These platforms mix technology with journalism, showing what's coming next in this area.

For a broader range of newswire and press release distribution services options, refer to our latest article, which features a list of 25 diverse newswire services. This list helps anyone wanting to see what's available in newswire services today.

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