5 AI chatbots transforming customer service in the APAC region

Discover how conversational marketing is changing customer interactions with AI chatbots.

5 AI chatbots transforming customer service in the APAC region

The advent of AI-powered chatbots has marked a new era in conversational marketing, offering opportunities for businesses to engage with their customers in real-time. By integrating these intelligent systems into their communication strategies, companies are not only enhancing customer experience but also streamlining their operations, thereby driving significant increases in efficiency and effectiveness.

5 AI-powered chatbots to check out

AI chatbots have emerged as key players in enhancing customer engagement and operational efficiency across various industries. These advanced tools leverage artificial intelligence to provide more efficient, personalized customer experiences.

Drift positions itself in the conversational marketing and sales space, aiming at businesses looking to shorten the sales cycle and increase lead generation. Drift's chatbots are built to qualify leads in real-time, book meetings, and facilitate the hand-off from bot to sales representative. Pricing for Drift is not publicly listed, indicating a custom pricing model based on the specific needs and scale of a business. This approach allows companies to tailor the chatbot's capabilities to their requirements, ensuring they pay for what they need.

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Intercom's offering includes customer support, marketing, and engagement capabilities. Its chatbots are part of a suite of tools intended to support a unified communication strategy across the customer lifecycle. Intercom's pricing starts at $74 per month for small businesses, with plans that scale with the features and support required. This flexibility positions Intercom as a choice for businesses of various sizes looking to improve their customer interaction touchpoints.

ManyChat focuses on Facebook Messenger, serving businesses aiming to automate and personalize their social media interactions. It is used for marketing campaigns, customer support, and engagement on Facebook. ManyChat provides a free tier with basic features, while its Pro version starts at $15 per month, increasing based on the number of subscribers. This pricing model offers ManyChat as an entry point for small to medium-sized businesses seeking to utilize their social media presence.

Zendesk Chat, part of the Zendesk customer service platform, provides live chat support that integrates with its ticketing system. This integration enables businesses to offer support in real-time while keeping a unified record of customer interactions. Pricing for Zendesk Chat begins at $14 per agent per month, presenting a scalable solution for businesses focused on customer support and wishing to integrate chat services with their overall customer service strategy.

IBM Watson Assistant, noted for its AI and natural language processing capabilities, is made for businesses seeking a chatbot solution. It aims to provide personalized customer interactions, understand complex queries, and learn from interactions to improve over time. Watson Assistant's pricing is based on the number of queries the chatbot handles, starting with a free tier that includes 10,000 messages per month, and custom pricing for higher volumes. This model is suitable for businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises, looking for a chatbot that can adapt to their changing needs.

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APAC brands and their AI-powered chatbots

In the APAC region, the adoption of AI-powered chatbots by brands showcases a commitment to leveraging technology for customer service, marketing, and operational efficiency. Here are three examples of how APAC brands are utilizing AI chatbots in their business processes:

DBS Bank (Singapore), a financial services group in Asia, uses an AI chatbot, "DBS digibank," to handle customer inquiries, provide account information, and facilitate banking transactions securely. By integrating AI into their customer service framework, DBS Bank has aimed to improve response times and customer satisfaction, setting a standard for digital banking in Singapore and the region.

AirAsia (Malaysia), a low-cost airline in Asia, introduced "AVA," an AI chatbot that operates across its customer interaction channels, including its website, mobile app, and messaging platforms.

AVA is engineered to handle tasks such as answering frequently asked questions, managing bookings, and providing flight information. This initiative allows AirAsia to offer customer service continuously, aiming to reduce wait times and improve the travel experience for its passengers.

Woolworths, one of Australia's largest supermarket chains, uses an AI chatbot named "Olive" to enhance its customer support services. Olive assists customers with inquiries related to store information, product availability, and COVID-19 related updates.

By integrating the chatbot into its customer service operations, Woolworths aims to streamline query resolution and free up human agents for more complex customer needs, thereby improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

These examples underscore the significant role AI chatbots play in transforming business operations and customer service across various industries in the APAC region.

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