2023's explosive growth in social media traffic: insights and trends

Emerging platforms like TikTok showcase explosive growth, revealing changing preferences and the increasing importance of mobile access in social media consumption.

2023's explosive growth in social media traffic: insights and trends

According to Lifesight.io, in 2023, YouTube solidified its position as the most visited social media platform, amassing an impressive 1.35 trillion visits—a notable increase from the 263.3 billion visits in 2019. This five-year growth trajectory represents an 80.49% surge, with YouTube's growth rate accelerating by over five times, primarily driven by the popularization of short-form content like YouTube Shorts.

The platform's demographic is predominantly male, with 67% of its users identifying as such, and a substantial 69.96% of visits occurring on mobile devices. This trend underscores a clear preference for consuming video content on-the-go.

The robust growth in social media visits, particularly on platforms like LinkedIn, suggests an evolving landscape for B2B marketing. The increasing preference for video and short-form content, as seen with YouTube and TikTok, can be leveraged in B2B strategies to enhance engagement and reach. Interactive content that is easily accessible on mobile devices can significantly increase visibility and interaction with business audiences.

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Moreover, the growth of professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn indicates a thriving marketplace for B2B interactions. Businesses can capitalize on this by crafting targeted content that speaks directly to industry professionals, thus fostering connections that could translate into commercial opportunities.

5 AI tools to create social media content

Leveraging AI tools can significantly enhance efficiency and creativity. Here are five AI tools that can help create engaging content across various social media channels:

Jasper AI

Jasper is a powerful AI writing assistant that excels in generating engaging and creative content suitable for a variety of platforms, including blogs, ads, and social media posts. Its capabilities include crafting compelling copy that can increase engagement on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Krater AI

Krater AI is designed to help create high-quality content quickly, particularly useful for generating unique and SEO-optimized text. It's great for businesses looking to maintain a consistent and persuasive social media presence, enhancing content across Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Canva’s Magic Write

Integrated within the Canva design tool, Magic Write assists in generating creative content ideas, captions, and full articles. This feature is perfect for creating visually engaging social media posts that combine both text and design elements, ideal for visually-centric platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.


Illustroke is an AI-powered tool that assists in creating vector illustrations easily and quickly. This tool is particularly useful for brands that want to stand out with unique, custom graphics on social media, enhancing visual content on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


FlexClip is an AI-driven video creation platform that allows users to make professional-quality videos in minutes. It's ideal for creating promotional videos, explainer videos, and social media clips, especially for platforms where video content is prevalent like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

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Report insights on each social media platform

In 2023, social media platforms continued to see unprecedented growth, with various platforms showing notable increases in user visits and engagement. This surge is reflective of evolving digital behaviors and the integral role of mobile access in today’s social media landscape. Recent study by Lifesight.io indicates the following trends:

Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) followed, with 216.4 billion and 112.9 billion visits respectively. X, in particular, experienced a 63.19% rise in visits since 2019, and its user base is slightly more male at 57%, with mobile usage accounting for 77.51% of activity. This indicates a strong preference for accessing social updates via smartphones.

Instagram and Reddit also showed robust increases in visits, with Instagram reaching 87.3 billion and Reddit 81.0 billion in 2023. Both platforms have seen their user bases expand significantly, with mobile traffic playing a crucial role in their growth.

TikTok, the breakout star, recorded a meteoric rise with a 60.15 times increase in visits, reaching 41.8 billion. This growth highlights TikTok's appeal as a mobile-first platform, with an almost even split between male and female users and an overwhelming majority accessing it through mobile devices.

On the other hand, WhatsApp and LinkedIn demonstrated steady growth, with WhatsApp visits climbing significantly and LinkedIn reaching 20.5 billion visits, a 59.41% increase since 2019. LinkedIn's growth is particularly relevant in the B2B context, with its user base predominantly accessing the site from desktops, reflecting its utility in professional networking.

Lastly, platforms like Twitch and Quora also saw significant growth, with Twitch almost doubling its visits and Quora experiencing a 60.25% increase. These platforms cater to niche audiences, indicating diverse interests and engagement patterns across different segments of the social media landscape.

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