Ad-Shield secures $2 million to combat adblock challenges for publishers

Ad-Shield announces a $2 million pre-series A funding led by Shorooq Partners, targeting adblock recovery for publishers.

Ad-Shield secures $2 million to combat adblock challenges for publishers

Ad-Shield, a company specializing in adblock recovery, closed a $2 million pre-series A funding round which was led by Shorooq Partners with participation from Bass Investment and Hashed. Established in 2023, Ad-Shield addresses the challenge of lost revenue and customer insights publishers face due to adblocking. Over 30% of internet users worldwide use adblockers, affecting businesses, particularly publishers.

Dustin Cha, the co-founder & CSO of Ad-Shield, highlighted the dire situation for publishers, with some experiencing up to 65% adblock usage. Ad-Shield's technology aims to provide a viable solution for reaching these audiences without compromising audience trust.

Ad-Shield's goal is not to eliminate ads but to foster a balanced ad-supported web ecosystem. The company advocates for limiting intrusive ads to reduce the need for adblockers, thereby preserving publisher revenue and ensuring advertisers see a return on investment. This approach has led to a monthly growth rate of over 30% for Ad-Shield, signaling strong market demand.

Shane Shin of Shorooq Partners expressed confidence in Ad-Shield's mission and its potential to disrupt the digital ad industry. “With its innovative technology, Ad-Shield is becoming a key disruptor in the industry by providing publishers better and easier ways to engage with adblock traffic. This will create a new market that benefits digital publishers, advertisers, and consumers alike, around the world.”, Shin highlights.

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Ad-Shield and its features

To execute their goal, Ad-Shield utilizes proprietary technology that identifies non-intrusive ad placements and formats that are acceptable to users. This technology enables the display of ads in a way that minimizes user annoyance and encourages the deactivation of adblocking software.

Additionally, Ad-Shield plans to work closely with publishers and advertisers to tailor ad experiences that align with user expectations and preferences, fostering an environment where ads contribute to, rather than detract from, the overall user experience. Through continuous improvement and adaptation to user feedback, Ad-Shield aims to set a new standard for how ads are presented on the web, making them less of an obstacle and more of an integrated part of content consumption.

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Implications for marketers

The rise of adblocking technology poses a substantial threat to the traditional media revenue model, where ad revenues play a crucial role. Publishers face dwindling ad revenues as a growing portion of their audience opts for an ad-free online experience. This challenge necessitates a shift in how media stakeholders approach adblock traffic, moving away from traditional ad revenue models to solutions that balance user experience with revenue generation.

Ad-Shield's approach to minimizing ad intrusion while maximizing ad visibility for non-adblock users represents a significant step forward. By focusing on creating a sustainable ad ecosystem, publishers can recover lost revenues and maintain their content quality. Furthermore, this model provides advertisers with clearer performance metrics, improving the effectiveness of digital advertising campaigns.

Media companies and advertisers alike need to recognize the changing landscape and adapt their strategies accordingly. Leveraging technology like Ad-Shield's offers a pathway to engage previously inaccessible audiences, ensuring the viability of ad-supported content.

Collaboration among publishers, technology providers, and advertisers is essential to develop practices that respect user preferences for less intrusive ads while sustaining the ad revenue model. This evolution can lead to a healthier digital environment where quality content and user experience are prioritized, benefiting all stakeholders in the long run.

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