Securing on-demand freelancing talent with ContentGrow (podcast)

As we head into 2023, find out how connecting with the right on-demand freelancers through ContentGrow can help improve your business.

Securing on-demand freelancing talent with ContentGrow (podcast)

In the past, businesses usually had to make a long and manual outbound approach via LinkedIn and word of mouth to find the right editorial talent for their business' needs.

These days, technology has helped facilitate that quite a lot. Enter ContentGrow, an on-demand talent marketplace that helps businesses discover appropriate project freelancers for their editorial and marketing needs.

In Eric Schwartzman's latest podcast with Enricko from ContentGrow, the duo discuss about the importance of having quick access to freelancers with proven expertise that businesses need.

Eric's podcast delves into the background, challenges, and growth of the ContentGrow content marketplace that helps businesses execute effective growth marketing strategies through pairing them with vetted freelancers.

Scaling Owned Media Editorial with ContentGrow [PODCAST]
ContentGrow features some 2,500 freelance journalists and writers, many based in East Asia and the United States, and has about 100 clients.
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About ContentGrow

Established in 2015 by former journalists Enricko Lukman and Leighton Cosseboom, the tech platform eases the search for quality freelance professionals by companies around the world who are in need of their professional editorial services.

Aside from saving time, ContentGrow freelancers are also cost-effective and highly flexible. Businesses have access to many of them because of their availability in all parts of the world.

ContentGrow directly works with an estimated 2,500 copywriters and 100 clients, on projects ranging from content marketing, media-published articles, press releases, and brand articles with an average word count per story between 700 to 900 words.

The platform charges a 10% commission and surcharge from both buyers and freelancers.

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ContentGrow's challenges

At the moment, the platform may sometimes lack quality pitches, and the team still has to process and manually follow up on pitch requests.

Freelancers generally prefer to do a confirmed paid gig rather than submit pitches as they're afraid to spend too much time creating one without the assurance of getting the job.

Another challenge for a service and gig marketplace like ContentGrow is the possibility of freelancers missing set deadlines. Enricko and Leighton tried to minimize this risk by working with freelancers with good track records.

The risk is more significant when a new buyer asks for a specific gig and region that hasn't been done before on the ContentGrow platform and requires onboarding new freelancers with whom they aren't familiar.

Furthermore, the more freelancers work in a certain niche, the more experienced they are in a specific topic. Indeed, many do become subject matter experts in their fields.

As such, ContentGrow is always on the lookout for freelancers who are experienced and knowledgeable across a diversity of fields in order to serve their clients' needs better.

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Next Steps for ContentGrow

Enricko hopes for ContentGrow to adopt the "Calm Philosophy" by staying lean and profitable and further advancing the automation process of finding the perfect match between buyers and sellers.

They have already updated their platform with an intuitive and straightforward channel to collaborate seamlessly with freelancers via slack and google docs.

For businesses and marketers, a gig platform like ContentGrow presents an opportunity to save time and resources to create content such as articles, press releases and white papers that catch Google's attention and engage readers to stay on your website.

As an up-and-coming gig marketplace for freelance writers, ContentGrow works with a firm conviction that the gig economy will be dominating the future workforce.

Save time and money when producing high-quality bespoke content for your markets. ContentGrow helps marketing teams work with perfectly matched content creators at preferred rates. Sign up to get your campaign started or book a quick call with our team to learn more.

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