8 essential AI tools every marketer should use in 2024

From content creation to SEO, explore eight AI tools to boost your marketing effectiveness.

8 essential AI tools every marketer should use in 2024

Reports from the Marketing Hustle highlights that 80% of marketers predict AI to be the industry's game-changer within the next five years. Already, 75% of marketers have incorporated AI into their strategies, leveraging its capabilities to create more engaging content.

This shift is underscored by the fact that 40% of marketers now use AI to craft content that resonates more deeply with their target audiences. By integrating AI into your toolkit, you can gain invaluable insights, automate routine tasks, and deliver more personalized customer experiences, ultimately boosting your marketing effectiveness.

8 AI-powered tools to boost your marketing game

These tools not only simplify complex tasks but also provide marketers with unprecedented insights and capabilities, allowing for more targeted and effective marketing campaigns. Here are eight AI-powered tools that are essential for any marketer looking to stay ahead in today's digital landscape:

1. Prowly - manage media relations

Prowly is an AI-driven PR software designed to help marketers manage media relations more efficiently. It offers features like media database management, press release distribution, and media monitoring, all enhanced by AI to tailor pitches and track performance effectively.

Prowly offers tiered pricing plans that are generally based on the features and scale required. Plans might start from around $189 per month, catering to small businesses, with more comprehensive plans for larger enterprises which could be higher.

2. Krater AI - automate content creation

Krater AI focuses on automating content creation, offering solutions that generate engaging copy for various marketing needs. From blog posts to ad copies, Krater AI uses machine learning to create content that is not only high-quality but also aligned with your brand's voice.

Krater AI typically offers subscription-based pricing, which can vary widely based on usage and specific functionalities required. Smaller businesses might expect to start with basic plans around $29 per month, with more advanced features available at higher price points.

3. FlexClip - video editing and production

FlexClip is a versatile video creation tool that leverages AI to simplify video editing and production. It allows marketers to easily create professional-looking videos with powerful editing features and a vast library of pre-made assets tailored to different marketing goals.

FlexClip provides different pricing tiers, starting from a basic free version with limited features. More advanced features are available in their paid plans, which can range from $9.99 to $29.99 per month, depending on the level of access to premium assets and functionalities.

4. Ocoya - manage content creation across social media

Ocoya is a comprehensive AI tool that streamlines content creation across social media platforms. It assists in crafting, scheduling, and analyzing posts and ads, providing insights into content performance and audience engagement.

Ocoya might offer a starting price around $19 per month, with more comprehensive plans available that provide additional features such as advanced analytics and increased post limits, potentially costing up to $99 per month or more.

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5. Illustroke - illustration and design

Illustroke revolutionizes graphic design by using AI to create custom illustrations and designs. This tool is particularly useful for marketers who need quick and unique visual content that stands out in a crowded market.

Pricing for Illustroke could vary depending on the extent of AI functionalities and the library of designs available. Pricing details might need to be obtained directly from their website or sales team as they could offer custom pricing based on the user's needs.

6. Surfer SEO - optimize web content

Surfer SEO uses AI to optimize website content for better search engine rankings. It analyzes hundreds of on-page signals and compares them with top-performing pages to give actionable recommendations for content improvement.

Surfer SEO has various pricing plans starting from around $59 per month for basic features. More advanced plans, offering additional keywords and content editor features, could go up to $239 per month.

7. Synthesia - video generator from text

Synthesia is an AI-driven analytics tool that delivers detailed insights into customer behavior and campaign performance. It assists marketers in refining their strategies by pinpointing effective elements and areas needing improvement.

Synthesia offers pricing starting at around $30 per month for basic video generation capabilities. More extensive use cases and professional features could significantly increase the cost.

Link Whisper enhances SEO efforts by suggesting smart internal linking strategies using AI. It helps improve site architecture and boosts page authority, crucial for enhancing your site's visibility and search engine ranking.

Link Whisper is priced starting at around $77 per year, which provides a full suite of features for a single site. Pricing increases if the tool is to be used across multiple websites.

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