How to write pitches that spark "aha!" moments

Tired of generic proposals? Discover the secret to writing content pitches that excite writers and get you stellar results.

How to write pitches that spark "aha!" moments

Time is money, and writer searches can devour both.

You spend hours sifting through applications, often ending up with generic proposals that fail to capture your brand's voice or effectively meet your content needs. The competition for top writing talent is fierce, and the pressure to find the right fit quickly only adds to the challenge.

But what if there was a way to attract skilled writers who are genuinely excited about your project and eager to contribute their best ideas? The key lies in crafting compelling pitch requests that go beyond the basic job description.

By creating "Aha!" moments for writers, your project becomes distinct, attracting individuals interested in your vision and willing to bring new ideas. This method results in content that connects with your audience. The article explores how to encourage these moments and write pitch requests that stimulate creativity.

What is a pitch request?

A pitch request is kind of a two-way street in the world of content creation. It's a way for someone (usually a publisher, editor, or brand) to solicit ideas for content from writers.

Here's how it works:

  • The publisher will put out a pitch request, outlining a general topic or area of interest. They might also specify things like target audience, word count, or desired tone.
  • Writers who are interested in the topic will then respond to the pitch request with their own ideas for a specific article or piece of content that fits within the publisher's request. This response is called their pitch.
  • The publisher will then review the pitches and choose the one they think is the best fit.

So, a pitch request is essentially a call for proposals from writers. It's a way for publishers to find fresh ideas and for writers to showcase their expertise and creativity.

Why write pitch requests for content writers?

Pitch requests streamline the hiring process, helping both companies and writers.

For companies, pitch requests offer a clear way to explain what you need.  This helps you find writers who are truly excited about your project.  These excited writers are more likely to bring fresh ideas and deliver high-quality content.

For writers, pitch requests are a chance to showcase their skills. They get a clear picture of your company's goals and challenges. This allows them to propose creative solutions, making the project more engaging and rewarding.  The ability to use their talents to the fullest naturally leads to better work from writers.

In short, pitch requests benefit everyone. Companies can clearly communicate their needs and find enthusiastic writers who offer creative solutions.  This improves the workflow and creates a collaborative environment where writers feel valued.  

By using well-written pitch requests, companies can find the right talent to create content that connects with their audience and achieves their goals.

How to craft pitches that spark "Aha!" moments

Here's how to write pitches that attract top talent and fresh ideas.

Provide a specific content goal

Don't leave writers guessing about your desired outcome.  Start by outlining the main objective you want the content to achieve.

For example, are you looking to generate brand awareness for a new product launch?  Clearly state your target audience (tech-savvy millennials) and the key message you want to convey (revolutionary new fitness tracker that seamlessly integrates with your busy lifestyle). This roadmap empowers writers to develop content that achieves your specific goals.

Spark curiosity with context

Offer enough context about your brand, target audience, and desired tone to pique interest without being overly prescriptive.  Imagine you need a blog post about sustainable travel practices.

Instead of a dry list of "do's and don'ts," provide a brief introduction to your company's mission (promoting eco-conscious travel) and target audience (adventurous young professionals).  Mention your desired tone (informative yet engaging with a touch of humor).

This equips writers with the foundation to develop a compelling piece while allowing them to inject their unique voice (think: "Travel Hacking for the Eco-Warrior: Unveiling Sustainable Adventures on a Budget").

Frame the challenge as an opportunity

Think of your content request as a puzzle waiting to be solved. Instead of simply listing out requirements, present a specific challenge you want the writer to address.

For example,  you need a blog campaign to promote a new language learning app.  Instead of just outlining features, challenge writers with: "Crack the Code: How to Make Language Learning Fun and Engaging for Busy Professionals."

This shift in perspective encourages writers to think creatively and develop solutions that go beyond basic promotion.

Leave room for interpretation

While you have specific goals, don't be afraid to leave room for interpretation.

Encourage writers to bring their own unique voice and approach to the content creation process.  Imagine you need a white paper on the future of AI in healthcare.  Provide the target audience (healthcare professionals) and the core message (exploring the potential of AI to revolutionize healthcare diagnostics).

However, it is also a good choice to emphasize your openness to different approaches (technical deep-dive, patient-centric narrative, etc.). This allows for a wider range of ideas and ultimately leads to a more impactful final product.

Showcase openness to collaboration

Crafting exceptional content often requires collaboration.

When writing your pitch request, highlight your willingness to work collaboratively with the writer to refine the concept. Imagine you need a case study showcasing the success of your new marketing automation software. Express your openness to discussing potential client interviews or relevant data points. This demonstrates respect for the writer's expertise and fosters a sense of partnership.

Open communication and a collaborative spirit throughout the project can lead to a more successful outcome for both parties.

Examples of pitch requests

Example 1 - Introducing mobile app

Before (Generic Request):

Imagine you need a blog post for your new on-demand dog walking app, "Pawsitive Pups."  The initial request might simply state:

  • Topic: Benefits of Dog Walking Services
  • Target Audience: Pet owners in urban areas
  • Word Count: 800 words

This generic approach offers limited room for creativity.

After (Encouraging Creativity):

Transform this request to challenge the writer's perspective. You could state:

  • Our on-demand dog walking app, "Pawsitive Pups," is looking for a blog post that goes beyond the typical "benefits" list. We want to capture the hearts (and paws) of urban pet owners.
  • Target Audience: Busy professionals struggling to balance work and pet care.
  • Desired Tone: Engaging and informative, with a touch of humor (think heartwarming stories or relatable anecdotes).

This revised request sets a clear goal (emotional connection over basic benefits) and provides context about the target audience and desired tone.

By offering an open-ended challenge and highlighting the emotional aspect, it encourages writers to develop creative solutions that resonate with the target audience on a deeper level.

Example 2 - Introducing platform

Before (Generic Request):

Imagine you need a blog post for your new customer relationship management (CRM) platform, "Clientele Connect." The initial request might simply state:

  • Topic: Benefits of CRM Software
  • Target Audience: Marketing professionals in small businesses
  • Word Count: 1200 words

This generic approach offers little room for creativity. It focuses on listing features instead of sparking genuine interest.

After (Demanding Innovation):

Transform this request to challenge the writer's perspective. You could state:

  • Clientele Connect, a CRM platform, seeks a blog post that transcends the tired "top 10 benefits" format. We want to showcase how CRM fosters deeper customer connections, not just data collection.
  • Target Audience: Small business owners overwhelmed by managing customer interactions.
  • Desired Tone: Engaging and informative, with a touch of personal storytelling (think real-life examples of how CRM empowers businesses).

This revised request sets a clear goal (emotional connection over features) and provides context about the target audience and desired tone.

By emphasizing the emotional impact of CRM and offering an open-ended challenge, it encourages writers to develop creative solutions that resonate with small business owners on a practical level.

Now you've got a great pitch request in hand. The next step is to post it on job boards across various hiring platforms. Alternatively, you can easily reference the content writing services listed on this page for recommended services with talented writers in their database.

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