12 recommended firms offering professional content writing services

The demand for content writing services has steadily increased annually. Once armed with a strategy, here are a few vendors for marketers to check out.

12 recommended firms offering professional content writing services

The need for professional content writing services has been steadily increasing each year. The practice of content marketing has proven to be an effective method for attracting leads and increasing traffic overall. Nearly 40% of marketers perceive content marketing as a very important part of their marketing strategy at large, and 24% said they planned to increase investment in content marketing in 2020.

What makes content marketing so popular is that most consumers prefer to learn about a product or service via a well-crafted story, rather than an intrusive popup or banner ad. Audiences today are actively seeking authenticity and relatability from brands, and thus demand insightful content. This can take many forms, be it an eBook, articles in a company blog, social media posts, or even an autobiography of the CEO.

As simple as it may sound, the harsh reality is that 65% of professionals find it challenging to produce engaging content. In fact, when surveyed, only 9% of companies grade their content marketing strategy as excellent, while most of them self-evaluate at an ‘average’ score.

This shows that having a partner to help the brand produce high-quality content is important for the long haul. By developing a game plan and creating engaging stories, content writing services can help build an authentic relationship between the brand and its target audience.

To help you identify a few great professional writing services, check out the list below.

Top content writing services
  1. ContentGrow
  2. Scripted
  3. Express Writers
  4. Crowd Content
  5. TextMaster
  6. Rightly Written
  7. Text Workers
  8. ContentWriters
  9. SEMrush Content Marketplace
  10. Text Mercato
  11. SEO Butler
  12. Verblio



ContentGrow is likely the best option when seeking to save time and money on journalism-style writing and corporate blogging in the US or Asia. The team custom-curates the right talent for each project, so you can spend time focusing on what’s important to the business.

The workflow app itself is also a time saver. It reclaims hours content managers would otherwise spend digging through messy email chains and updating untenable spreadsheets.

The app and service are potentially free to use on the client-side. There is no subscription fee on ContentGrow. It facilitates payments between the client and its private freelance team and takes a small commission only when stories are complete. The margin can come from the client, the freelancer, or be split between both parties. Click here to get a shortlist of talent or sign up for a company account to get started.

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content writing services

This US-based firm claims to help with various content marketing needs, be it blog posts, press releases, web pages, newsletters, or video scripts. You’ll need to pay a monthly membership fee to use the services, ranging from US$1,000 to US$10,000 per month. This includes access to a 6,000+ writer pool and content creation services.

Express Writers


With more than 90 writers across multiple industries, this firm provides various content writing services, including long-form SEO articles, case studies, email copy, product descriptions, and marketing slides. The UK-based agency charges between US$95 to US$450 for blog articles.

ContentGrow - US & Asia PR Distribution Service
1 ContentGrow is a freelance talent matching service and workflow app for global content teams. The app helps marketing teams create and distribute content at scale. P R D I S T R I B U T I O N ContentGrow.com

Crowd Content


This Canada-based firm is a self-serve platform to buy content from over 6,000 professional writers in its database. It has a strong base of writers in native English-speaking regions such as the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. The company specializes in SEO and web content, with prices starting from US$0.02-0.12 per word, depending on writer expertise.

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textmaster content writing services

Textmaster is a France-based SaaS for professional translation, web content writing, and proofreading. Textmaster offers translation and content creation in over 50 languages, with a standard turnaround time of 24 hours for translations. The firm charges US$0.09 per word, while content writing starts from US$0.07 per word.

Rightly Written

rightly written content writing services

Based in Singapore, this firm provides a platform for managing content orders and output. Its specialty is corporate blogging, but the company also offers a wide array of other services such as technical writing, taglines, and review writing. The company’s rate starts from US$35 for a 500-word article and goes up based on writer expertise.

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Text Workers

text workers content writing services

This US-based agency’s offering is quite straightforward. The firm offers article writing and website copywriting in eight specific verticals, which include entrepreneurship, legal, and real estate. Text Workers charges a flat fee of US$0.07 to US$0.10 per word for its services.


With a US-based team of writers, the firm offers a wide range of content creation services, which includes blog posts, social media posts, and newsletters.  The firm will match your project with appropriate writers before the work commences. The firm’s pricing starts from US$99 per piece of content.

Additionally, ContentWriters also provides a content marketplace, where clients can purchase a completed article for US$110.

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SEMrush Content Marketplace

In 2019, the famous marketing software SEMrush expanded its offerings into the content creation space. The firm provides seven content creation types: articles, product descriptions, website copy, email newsletters, press releases, stocked media, and ebooks. For articles, the pricing starts from US$40 for 500 words.

Text Mercato

Launched in 2015, this India-based content writing service provider may be the more affordable option for your needs. It’s extremely cheap, at only US$ 7 for a 500-word article. The firm claims that it works with “qualified writers,” and undergoes a series of checks to make sure the work result meets SEO best practices.

ContentGrow - US & Asia PR Distribution Service
1 ContentGrow is a freelance talent matching service and workflow app for global content teams. The app helps marketing teams create and distribute content at scale. P R D I S T R I B U T I O N ContentGrow.com

SEO Butler

As the name suggests, this UK-based firm provides a variety of SEO-related content creation services. Apart from article creation, clients can also buy guest posts on other blogs, as well as business website indexing services. Working with US- and UK-based writers, SEO Butler charges US$25 for a generic 500-word article.


If you’re looking to create written content along with a video to accompany it, then this US-based firm can be a good choice. Verblio charges US$70 for a 600-word article, with an additional fee of US$75 for video creation. There are two types to choose from: teaser video (suitable for social media) and summary video (to help increase article engagement).

Why use outsourced professional content writing services?

As the famous Peter Drucker once said, “Do what you do best and outsource the rest.” Hiring a content writing agency is the secret to helping brands get the best results with an appropriate budget and ideal turnaround time.

Here are a few reasons to invest in pro content writing services.

Level up content quality. Firms offering content writing services know how to hook your audience’s attention. According to data by Chartbeat, more than half of the people who visit a website spend less than 15 seconds there. On the other hand, 44% of millennials claim that they decide whether to click on a link after reading the headline alone. These stats show that content know-how can make or break the audience’s impression of a brand. By working with a content writing agency, brands can transform a business message into an interesting narrative, and avoid taking overly hard-selling positions.

Free up some time. As a business owner, hiring content writing services will help save an immense amount of time — and let you as an entrepreneur focus elsewhere. Relying on a freelance workforce allows you to be more focused on the pursuit of success. A study by ScaleTime also found out that CEOs who delegate have been shown to generate 33% more revenue than those with low delegation skills.

Boost online visibility. It’s no secret that Google prioritizes high-quality content over quantity. So it’s not just a matter of labor when trying to get onto the first page of the search results. Managers need to produce the most insightful content for each topic at hand. Brands have a better chance of doing this correctly when working with third-party experts.

In-house marketers often misjudge the value that content writing companies bring to the table. Sometimes, brand managers expect instant results. But the truth is that content marketing doesn’t work like that. The results more often come in like a slow, consistent burn. When done right, your investment in partnering a content writing agency will pay-off via increased traffic and more inbound leads over time — think months, or years even.

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What kind of content writing services can be outsourced?


Here are some common services that can be outsourced to a content writing agency.

Corporate blogging

Blogging consistently is one of the main keys for businesses to successfully build brand awareness. Hubspot observed brands that publish 16 or more posts per month get almost 3.5 times more traffic than brands that publish 0 to 4 articles. Three key elements for successful corporate blogging include consistency, quality, and quantity.


For ease of communication with potential clients around the globe, brands ought to create credible content that is then translated into multiple languages. By partnering with multiple content writing agencies,  it’ll become easier to work with native speakers across the globe who can produce high-quality translations.

e-books and white papers

According to a study by GetResponse, e-books and white papers are among the top tools with the highest conversion rates when it comes to capturing email addresses.

SEO articles

Approximately 55% of marketers consider SEO to be the foundation of their overall marketing strategy. Using a great SEO content writing service will give your website the right kind of content with rich keywords. This, in turn, should generate greater traffic and more leads from search engines.

Social media copy

It’s a common mistake for marketers to copy and paste the same sentences to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts. In fact, different apps have unique audiences, and thus require different tones and messaging. A professional social media copywriter can bring your ‘caption,’ ‘post,’ or ‘tweet’ to the next level — tailored for each social media platform.

There’s another upside to hiring a professional content writing company. Because they’re not directly affiliated with your brand, you may expect their objective opinions and honest feedback on the strategy overall — that is if you ask for it.

As third-party practitioners with no dog in the fight, their unbiased input can sometimes help your team better produce soft-selling messages that create a better sense of trust and loyalty from an audience.

Save time and money when producing high-quality press releases and thought leadership articles. ContentGrow helps teams work with perfectly-matched freelance writers and journalists at preferred rates. Fill out the form below to get your own talent list or visit the site to get started.

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