Content writing services vs. in-house writing team: which is right for you?

Content is king; how about the right writer? In-house or outsource? Compare pros and cons for your strategy.

Content writing services vs. in-house writing team: which is right for you?

Imagine a potential customer considering a weekend getaway. Engaging travel blog posts and informative destination guides can influence their decision and guide them towards your travel agency. This is a task content writers excel at.

Content writers provide insights and narratives to influence customer decisions towards your business's content strategy. Consistent production of such content demands expertise and commitment.

This article examines two methods for incorporating content writers into businesses: One approach is hiring content writers as part of the internal team, and the other is engaging content writing services.

Each option's advantages and disadvantages are discussed, including budget considerations, skill diversity, and brand voice control, to assist businesses in making a well-informed choice.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a content writing service


Content writing services can be more cost-effective compared to hiring and managing full-time employees, especially for businesses with smaller budgets or fluctuating content needs. However, the quality of writing can vary depending on the service, and finding the right writer for your specific brand voice may require some trial and error.

Access to expertise and talent

You gain access to a pool of experienced writers with diverse skill sets, enabling you to find writers with specific industry knowledge or writing styles that match your needs. However, you might not have the same level of control over the writer's schedule or workflow as you would with an in-house team. To address this, consider selecting a journalist or niche content writer during your initial discussions before hiring the service. Platforms like ContentGrow often provide free consultations to assist companies in making their decisions.

Scalability and flexibility

Content writing services offer flexibility in scaling content production up or down based on your marketing campaigns and project requirements. However, this can lead to inconsistencies in brand voice and messaging if you frequently switch writers.


Outsourcing content creation frees up your internal team's valuable time to focus on core business operations. The disadvantage is that you may spend additional time upfront providing detailed instructions and managing the relationship with the service.

Advantages and disadvantages of building an in-house writing team

Brand consistency and voice control

One of the key benefits of building an in-house writing team is the level of control you have over brand voice, messaging, and overall content strategy.  Having writers directly embedded within your company allows for closer collaboration and ensures consistency across all communication channels.  The in-house team can develop a deep understanding of your brand personality and messaging guidelines, resulting in content that seamlessly reflects your brand identity.

However, building an in-house team requires an initial investment of time and resources

Hiring and training a qualified writer can be time-consuming, especially for smaller businesses.  This includes writing skills assessment, onboarding, and potentially ongoing training to ensure the writer stays updated with industry trends. Additionally, there are the ongoing costs of salary, benefits, and office space, which may not be feasible for all budgets.

Deep understanding of your business

An in-house writing team has the advantage of being fully immersed in your company culture, products, and target audience.  This allows them to develop a deeper understanding of your brand and incorporate that knowledge into their content creation.  They can readily access internal resources and subject matter experts for clarification and ensure content is factually accurate and relevant to your specific industry.

There can be a downside, however, to relying solely on internal expertise

In-house writers may lack exposure to the diverse writing styles and industry trends that a content writing service with a wider pool of talent can offer.  This can limit the creative potential of your content and hinder your ability to experiment with different approaches.

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Choosing the right approach

Making a choice between hiring a content writing service and setting up an in-house writing team involves several key factors. Here’s a simple guide to help decide which is best for different business needs and resources.


Looking at costs:

  • Content writing service:Works well for businesses watching their spending or those with changing needs. It can be cheaper than paying full-time staff.
  • In-house writing teams: They provide lasting benefits but needs more money at the start for hiring and training. Best for those who can afford a long-term content plan.

Content volume and complexity

Understanding your needs:

  • Content writing service: Fits businesses that need content now and then or require many writing styles and skills.
  • In-house writing teams: Better for creating a lot of content regularly, especially if this content needs a deep understanding of your business and brand.

Internal expertise and resources

What you have and need:

  • Content writing service: A good pick if your team doesn’t have the time or skills for content work.
  • In-house writing teams: Need more work to hire, train, and oversee, but it’s necessary if you have the people to manage it.

Content strategy and goals

Setting clear targets:

  • Content writing service: Ideal for companies with specific content goals but limited people for the job. Choose a service that fits your business’s tone and audience.
  • In-house writing teams: They give more control over your brand’s communication, making sure it fits with your bigger marketing plans. Important if content is a main part of your marketing strategy.

Taking these factors into account, alongside the pros and cons of each method discussed above, enables you to make a well-informed choice on whether a content writing service or an in-house writing team best matches your particular needs and resources.

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