How we grew tech startups in Indonesia: list of effective marketing channels

Launching your tech startup in Indonesia? Discover our list of effective marketing channels to help your tech startup thrive in the Indonesian market.

How we grew tech startups in Indonesia: list of effective marketing channels

For nearly ten years, Content Collision (C2), a digital agency started by former tech journalists, has supported over 200 tech startups to grow in Indonesia. Using a mix of strategies and research, the agency has found certain marketing channels to be consistently useful for tech startups entering the Indonesian market.

The choice of these marketing channels is based on observations and feedback from past clients. Through extensive experience, C2 has identified which channels work best and which do not for tech startups in Indonesia. This article aims to share these insights, focusing on a selection of marketing channels that have proven effective for tech startups aiming to establish a strong presence in the country.

Social media - LinkedIn

Social media platforms are a great way for tech brands to connect with potential customers in Indonesia.  For companies selling to other businesses (B2B), LinkedIn is a particularly useful platform.

LinkedIn helps B2B companies share informative content that demonstrates their expertise (thought leadership content). This can attract potential partners, create a positive impression, and help build trust with potential customers.  For new startups looking to establish themselves and build trust, LinkedIn is a good choice.

While LinkedIn is a valuable platform for B2B companies in Indonesia, it's important not to rely solely on one social media channel. Dinda Anandita, a Social Media Specialist at C2, recommends expanding your presence across different platforms.

"TikTok and Instagram are also great ways to build your brand awareness," Dinda explains. "You can use these platforms to introduce your products, features, or make announcements.  However, LinkedIn remains the best platform for people who want to learn more about your startup in detail. It's the perfect place to share information about your company and connect with your target audience."

Dinda also emphasizes the importance of creating content and visuals specifically designed for each platform. "People use different social media platforms in different ways, and each platform has its own rules about what kind of content works best (algorithms). A post that does well on one platform might not do as well on another," Dinda explains. "That's why it's important to constantly test different things to see what works best (A/B testing)."

Dinda's advice highlights the importance of a well-rounded social media strategy. It's not just about choosing the right platforms, but also about making sure your content fits the specific style of each platform. This helps tech startups connect with their audience more effectively.

Content marketing - blogs and white papers

Content marketing is a great and affordable strategy for a new company to establish itself as a thought leader in Indonesia. It's one of the most cost-effective ways to build a presence right away, because you're creating content on your own channels (owned channels).

This means creating informative articles or reports that share knowledge and insights about your industry. For example, a startup could write a blog post about a common problem in their industry and how to solve it. This demonstrates your company's expertise and builds trust with potential customers.

Atikah Amalia, a Content Marketing Specialist at C2, explains that different types of content can guide potential customers through the decision-making process. "By first establishing thought leadership with insightful content, companies can later introduce their products as viable solutions, opening up a dialogue with potential clients," Atikah says.

Content marketing also works hand-in-hand with SEO (search engine optimization) efforts. By creating informative content that people are searching for, you can improve your website's ranking in search results. This means more people will see your content and learn about your company.

It's also important to create a variety of content formats. This doesn't just mean writing blog posts and white papers. You can also use infographics, e-books, and success stories. Offering different types of content ensures there's something appealing for every preference, whether someone enjoys deep dives into topics or prefers quick, visual summaries.

PR strategy with ‘The Cycle’ framework

Strategic PR campaigns can be used to create a series of stories that build your company's reputation as trustworthy and innovative. These stories could highlight the personal journeys of your founders, the innovative solutions you offer to industry challenges, or the unique makeup of your founding team.

One proven approach to PR campaigns involves a framework known as "The Cycle."  This framework, as Tommy Young, Head of the Agency at C2, explains, helps structure your PR efforts and create a roadmap for success,.

"Let's say a startup plans to launch in December. They might spend two months preparing (stage 1), followed by a month building anticipation (stage 2) through press releases. After launch (stage 3), they'd dedicate several months for ongoing communication and maintaining positive media coverage (stage 4)," Tommy explains.

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This framework emphasizes the importance of planning and strategically communicating your story throughout the product launch cycle.

Thank you for reading about our insights on implementing marketing channels for tech startups in Indonesia. We hope this information provides a valuable foundation for your own marketing journey.

Do you have questions or need help developing your Indonesian market presence strategy? We'd be happy to connect you with resources or offer additional insights. You can find more information about our services here.

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