Report: digital messaging is key in B2C marketing

Despite forking over gobs of cash on the channel already, more than half of B2C marketers will increase spending on email marketing, push notifications, and SMS.

Report: digital messaging is key in B2C marketing

Digital messaging (which includes emails, push notifications, and SMS) is alive and well among B2C marketers. In fact, the channel is so potent that marketers are expecting to double the number of digital messages they send within three years. The increase also comes with a concern about whether customers are getting overloaded with these messages.

This month, marketing platform MessageGears published a report about how elite B2C marketers employ digital messages. The firm interviewed 151 B2C marketing leaders (manager level and above) who work at brands with at least US$100 million in annual revenue and send at least 5 million marketing emails per month.

Here are a few things they concluded about digital messages as a marketing strategy.

B2C marketers love digital messaging

Respondents shared that their organizations send around 80 to 120 million digital messages per year to around 5 to 40 million people. 87% of marketers send a digital message at least once per day, with more than half expecting to double their messaging volume within three years.

The reason behind these massive numbers is that 90% of marketers believe digital messaging is extremely important for their marketing strategy and overall business goals. 91.5% of respondents also say that at least 40% of their company sales come from digital messaging efforts.

But more is not always better when it comes to this medium. One in three marketers also say that sending fewer messages can sometimes yield better results.

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Almost a quarter of marketers expect to send more than 120 million messages this year.
Almost a quarter of marketers expect to send more than 120 million messages this year.

This translates into their budget priorities, with 92% of B2C marketers saying that they allocate at least 25% of their spend into digital messaging. 64.3% of them say that their digital messaging budget is bigger than any other marketing item.

Almost half of the marketers spent between US$1 million to US$5 million for messaging (which includes both tools and people) in 2020. 52% spent more than US$5 million.

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Despite already spending a lot of money on digital messaging, more than half of marketers still believe that they need to increase the overall budget (55%) and hire more digital marketing staff (41%).

Marketers’ choice of martech apps

One in four marketers spends more than 40 hours per week on digital marketing strategy and execution. 80% of respondents expect to see that number go up this year by at least 20%.

One way to make things more efficient and effective is by utilizing the right martech apps. Three things that they’re looking to strengthen in particular are data management (53%), content personalization (51%), and mobile push notifications (43%).

One in three marketers notes that best-in-breed apps can be a better investment than an all-in-one martech stack.

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Marketers share their thoughts on the factors behind successful digital messaging campaigns.
Marketers share their thoughts on the factors behind successful digital messaging campaigns.

Respondents also revealed that the martech apps they’re most excited to use are integrated cross-channel tech (25%), modern data warehouse (17%), render-on-open email (17%), CRM (15%), email service provider (15%), and location-based push messaging (10%).

You can check out the report in full here.

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