Pitch Snacks: Amanda Bynes, Matrix 4, Oprah Hoax

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Pitch Snacks: Amanda Bynes, Matrix 4, Oprah Hoax

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Pitch: Former child stars fighting mental health issues

Things are not looking rosy for former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes. Sources say that Bynes is six weeks pregnant and may lose custody upon the child’s birth, due to ongoing mental health issues. Sadly, Bynes isn’t the only former child star who is having mental health issues. Some succeed while others are still struggling. This story would list a few and seek to understand why this is all too common…

Pitch: Everything we know so far about The Matrix 4

The fourth installment of The Matrix has become the latest victim of the COVID-19 pandemic. The film’s production has halted temporarily as one of its main actors, Idris Elba, contracted the disease. Ongoing travel restrictions across Europe don’t help either. For sci-fi fans out there, this story looks at everything we know so far about The Matrix 4, including possible reasons why Neo and Trinity could still be alive in the movie…

Pitch: QAnon’s Oprah conspiracy is fake news

The group known as QAnon is at it again, this time trying to link Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, and COVID-19 all together. The group is frantically claiming that the pandemic is not real and that it’s just a cover-up for a highly secretive mission by Trump. The supposed mission is to destroy an illuminati-like group of elites who are running a global pedophile operation. Further, Trump is using the pandemic to discreetly take down some of these super celebrities, including Winfrey. These kinds of fake stories are harmful, but also fascinating. This story would seek to understand how the crazy narrative was able to fool thousands…

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