Pitch Snacks: Coronavirus, Esports as a Career, Black Market Phones

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Pitch Snacks: Coronavirus, Esports as a Career, Black Market Phones

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Asia-based tech journalists on ContentGrow have story pitches to share with you! Here are a few tasty excerpts from our lineup this week.

Pitch: How COVD-19 is affecting the Asian tech industry


Asia’s tech game has a new form of disruption and it’s not the exciting kind. China, as the epicenter of the world’s gadget manufacturing game, is slowing down production because of the virus outbreak, and so are neighboring countries like Taiwan. One report states that the world’s smartphone production output will decrease by 12% this year. Video game console brands Nintendo, Xbox, and Sony have also delayed production.

Here is how other tech sectors are getting hit by the Coronavirus…

Pitch: The glory of professional  esports players in Southeast Asia


The esports industry has gained huge popularity in Southeast Asia since its first regional tournament in 2016, with a prize pool of US$256,000. It’s now become possible for professional esports players to become millionaires. But building a career in the field is not as fun as it looks. This piece takes a deeper look into the new career path and seeks to understand what hardships await those who aspire to become champions…

Pitch: How black market phones in Indonesia will screw you over


The Indonesian government plans to implement a nationwide ban on black market mobile phones, which will come into full effect starting 18 April 2020. Citizens who buy illegal phones after that date will not be able to use local SIM cards. This week, the government has started testing the initiative with local telcos. Here’s what citizens and inbound travelers need to know…

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