Pitch Snacks: Kirk Douglas, Pokémon, Shake Shack Singapore

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Pitch Snacks: Kirk Douglas, Pokémon, Shake Shack Singapore

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Creators on ContentGrow have story ideas to share with you! Here are a few tasty pitch excerpts from our bullpen this week.

Pitch: The less talked about grit and compassion of Kirk Douglas

With the passing of 103-year-old Hollywood icon Kirk Douglas, entertainment enthusiasts and stakeholders reflect on the illustrious ride that was his life. Rising to fame during the “golden age of cinema,” Douglas made a name for himself on blockbuster films like Spartacus and Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. But fewer people came to know of the actor’s resilience in times of hardship, and his lesser-known altruistic undertakings throughout the years…

Pitch: Singapore’s love affair with American fast food


Evidently, the first Shake Shack location has done well in Singapore because a second location will open soon. The American fast-food chain is now offering locals the Chick’n Shack, a crispy fried, all-natural, and antibiotic-free chicken breast that’s slow-cooked in a zesty buttermilk marinade. Singaporeans are salivating, as the burger joint will also offer localized frozen custard flavors. This story will explain why Shake Shack has been so successful in Southeast Asia…

Pitch: Google wants you to choose the best Pokémon once and for all


Why is this a thing exactly? We don’t know, but it’s fun! Google and Pokémon have teamed up to let you vote for ‘Pokémon of the Year.’ The poll will run until Valentine’s Day, and voters can weigh in once per day. From a business perspective, few brands are as innovative as Pokémon when it comes to audience engagement (crazy viral Pokémon Go, for example). This piece dives into its simple, yet unconventional marketing strategies, and suggests how small businesses can do the same…

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