Pitch Snacks: From TikTok to the Grammys, McMillions, Pescetarianism

Seeking a timely story pitch or two for your media? Here are some ideas flowing through ContentGrow this week. Let us know if any take your fancy!

Pitch Snacks: From TikTok to the Grammys, McMillions, Pescetarianism

ContentGrow helps publishers assemble and manage teams of freelancers from Asia. We connect our users to high-quality content creators who are likely to fit well with their projects. Every so often, we will post information about the kinds of story pitches that you can get via the users on our platform. If this post interests you, please get in touch below.

Relevant journalists on ContentGrow have stories to pitch to your media. Please see a few excerpts from our bullpen this week.

Pitch: How Lil Nas X went from TikTok to the Grammys


As a Gen Z artist and child raised on internet culture, Lil Nas X caught the world’s attention not only with his genre-crossing hit “Old Town Road” but also with his meme-savvy witticisms on Twitter and his outrageous fashion sense. We list Lil Nas X’s top five pop culture moments that got everyone talking, including his star-studded performance at the 2020 Grammys…

Pitch: Understanding the McDonald’s Monopoly scam


Can we talk about the Get Out Of Jail Free card? This is a review of HBO’s new documentary series that tells the story of an FBI agent who stumbles upon a giant scandal from a Post-It note. McMillion$ dives into the events that transpired to ultimately embroil the fast-food behemoth in one of the most prominent fraud stories of the decade…

Pitch: How to be a pescatarian on the sly


Eating only fish or other aquatic animals can be tough, and it doesn’t help when you always have to explain yourself while out to dinner with friends. Here are a few ways you can stick to your diet, but not worry about always justifying your food and beverage choices to those around you…

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