Publishers can now pay talent in any currency

We’ve updated the platform to flexibly support payments in any currency. The new release also comes with some key changes.

Publishers can now pay talent in any currency

Earlier today, ContentGrow — our private e-marketplace and project hub for media publishers and journalism talent in Asia — released a feature that now lets publishers pay contributors in any currency.

Previously, the platform only supported USD. But following popular demand and feedback from the users, we’ve updated ContentGrow to flexibly support payments in any denomination. The new release also comes with important updates. Here are some things to take note of.

Select your currency

Previously, when a publisher built a story brief, they had to set fees for each role. This is still the case, but now you can set fees in any currency you like.

The reason for this is that we kept getting requests from users who wanted to set Singapore Dollars as their main currency.

Additionally, because some publishers have contributors in several different countries that end up working together on the same briefs, we’ve now allowed for multiple currencies to be set on the same brief — depending on the role.

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Set a default

We started noticing that publishers often have a fixed rate they pay out per story. As such, they end up repetetively keying in the same amounts on every single brief. It some cases, it became redundant.  

We added an option to set a default. This means publishers can now set fixed recurring rates within a project. The default currency and amounts you set here will auto-populate in every brief you make subsequently.

But don’t worry! You can also update them manually on a case-by-case basis if needed.  

Retroactive updates

Sometimes, publishers need to make adjustments to the fees mid-way through an assignment. Cases when this is needed may include — but are not necessarily limited to — stories that get submitted but will not make it to publish (e.g. stories that are ‘killed’ by the publisher) or stories that end up longer or shorter than originally intended (thus becoming priced differently than originally thought).

For cases like this, we’ve allowed publishers to retroactively update the fees owed to contributors on any given story.

For transparency, everyone working on the story can see a log of activities that shows what the project manager has done in this respect.

Needless to say, all members on an assignment should be kept apprised of fee changes!  

We hope this new flexibility will make it easier for publishers and contributors to work together on ContentGrow! Please let us know what kind of questions you have.

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