Exploring the AI advancements in Quark publishing platform NextGen v4.0

The new release accelerates content discovery and reusability, streamlines workflows, and supports multilingual publishing, fostering faster and more efficient content lifecycle management.

Exploring the AI advancements in Quark publishing platform NextGen v4.0

Quark software, known for content automation and design, has announced advancements in its Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen v4.0.

Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen simplifies the management of the entire content lifecycle for organizations, from content creation to consumption. It incorporates Semantic AI to facilitate the discovery and reuse of existing content buried within unstructured PDFs, significantly reducing the time spent searching manually.

This latest version introduces semantic AI technology that improves the speed and accuracy of content discovery within unstructured PDFs. By automating the search and reuse of existing content, QPP NextGen v4.0 enables users to save time and enhance productivity.

The integration with Microsoft Azure data factory extends QPP's capabilities, allowing for data integration from other business systems, including Oracle and Snowflake. This feature allows content teams to enhance their processes without constant IT support, promoting a more agile and self-service environment.

Martin Owen, CEO of Quark, emphasized the role of content automation in achieving business objectives. “We know content and continually innovate across QPP NextGen to give highly regulated organizations the necessary tools to address any content complexity.

We also know the opportunity AI presents to content processes so we are infusing even more AI capabilities into our content technologies to help organizations execute successful content strategies that directly contribute to business success,” Owen stated.

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Additionally, QPP NextGen v4.0 has expanded its features to support global content strategies by including right-to-left language support, essential for enterprises engaging customers in Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu. The platform also offers analytics on content operations and strategy, helping teams optimize their workflows and achieve content goals.

As organizations increasingly recognize the importance of content management systems, Quark continues to provide solutions that meet current needs and anticipate challenges in content management and publishing.

AI-powered publishing platforms

Publishing platforms are increasingly integrating AI to enhance the efficiency and precision of content management and creation processes.

One notable example is Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), which utilizes AI to automate workflows and personalize content delivery. AEM's AI capabilities help organizations manage vast amounts of digital assets and optimize customer experiences by delivering the right content to the right audience at the right time.

Its features include smart tagging and image recognition, which streamline the categorization and retrieval of multimedia content, thus speeding up the content creation process.

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Another platform that leverages AI technology is Sitecore. Known for its content management and multichannel marketing capabilities, Sitecore's AI tools analyze customer interactions to deliver highly targeted content. The platform's AI-driven analytics and machine learning models enable businesses to predict user behavior and personalize web experiences accordingly.

By understanding patterns in data, Sitecore helps marketers automate decision-making in campaigns, enhancing engagement and improving the user journey across multiple touchpoints.

Lastly, Veeva Vault is a specialized platform designed for life sciences companies, incorporating AI to manage regulatory content and documentation. Veeva Vault's AI functionalities assist in streamlining complex compliance processes by automating the categorization and management of regulatory submissions.

This reduces manual efforts and error rates, significantly improving the efficiency of document handling. Moreover, its AI tools facilitate better collaboration across global teams, ensuring that critical information is aligned and up-to-date, which is vital in the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry.

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