Revamping B2B marketing: staying ahead in 2024

Learn the crucial shifts modern B2B marketers need to make to enhance creativity, personalize messaging, and optimize marketing effectiveness.

Revamping B2B marketing: staying ahead in 2024

The dialogue around B2B and B2C marketing disparities is not new, with the latter often outpacing in areas of engagement, creativity, and personalization. Particularly in the tech domain, B2B brands grapple with evolving their marketing strategies to break free from traditional molds that may hinder their ability to stand out in a saturated market. To combat these challenges, it's essential for B2B marketers to rethink and refine their approach with a fresh perspective.

One glaring issue in the B2B marketing landscape is the oversaturation of thought leadership content. With an abundance of insights and advice circulating across platforms like LinkedIn, unique voices struggle to be heard. To cut through the noise, leveraging syndication platforms and exploring alternative outlets can help broadcast leadership insights more effectively without getting lost in the crowd.

Furthermore, the lack of creativity and humor in B2B marketing messages often leads to standardized and forgettable campaigns. B2B marketers can learn from their B2C counterparts by injecting humor, using engaging visuals like GIFs, and adopting a more dynamic communication style to make their brand memorable and engaging.

Another critical area for optimization is the reliance on a laser-focus approach without adequately assessing customer intent. Understanding the intent behind a potential customer’s interest can significantly refine targeting strategies. Segmenting prospect lists into tiers based on intent data allows for crafting tailored marketing campaigns that speak directly to where the prospect is in the buying journey, thus enhancing the impact of marketing efforts.

Lastly, the challenge of product-value fit in messaging cannot be ignored. In an industry crowded with options like martech, where differentiation is crucial, marketers need to emphasize how their product aligns with and enables the target buyer's goals, rather than just showcasing features or case studies.

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Syndication platforms beyond LinkedIn to try out

Syndication platforms play a critical role in amplifying the reach of content, particularly for B2B marketers looking to stand out amidst the sea of thought leadership.

One such platform is Content Syndication Networks like Outbrain or Taboola. These networks specialize in distributing content across various online outlets, including high-traffic news sites and blogs. By leveraging these platforms, B2B marketers can ensure their insights and thought leadership pieces get noticed by a broader audience beyond their immediate network.

The algorithm-driven nature of these networks means content is matched with interested readers, thus enhancing engagement rates and driving targeted traffic back to the original publisher’s site.

Lastly, Medium stands out as a versatile syndication platform for those looking to cast a wider net. Medium’s open platform encourages contributions from individuals and companies across various sectors, offering a space for in-depth articles, company updates, and thought leadership pieces. Its algorithm promotes content based on reader interests and engagement, helping to ensure that articles find their way to readers genuinely interested in the topic.

For B2B marketers, Medium can serve as a complementary channel to traditional syndication platforms, offering a different audience demographic and the opportunity for increased visibility and engagement.

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3 useful tools to generate humorous content

Injecting humor into B2B marketing content can dramatically increase engagement and memorability.

One powerful tool for creating humorous content is Giphy. Giphy hosts a vast library of GIFs that can be easily integrated into marketing emails, social media posts, and even blog articles. Its user-friendly search functionality allows marketers to find the perfect GIF to complement their message, adding a layer of humor without detracting from the professionalism of the content.

Giphy also offers a GIF Maker feature, enabling users to create custom GIFs, which can be particularly useful for brands looking to add a unique touch or brand-specific humor to their communications.

Another great tool for incorporating humor into marketing content is Canva. While Canva is widely recognized for its design capabilities, it also offers features that can help marketers craft funny visuals and animations. With a vast collection of templates, images, and icons, users can create custom memes or humorous infographics that resonate with their B2B audience.

Canva’s easy-to-use interface and drag-and-drop functionality make it accessible to marketers without a background in graphic design, allowing for the quick creation of eye-catching, funny content that stands out in a sea of standard B2B marketing material.

Adobe Spark is yet another versatile tool that can be leveraged to add humor to marketing campaigns. It provides users with the ability to create not only GIFs but also short videos and animated graphics that can add a dynamic and entertaining element to any marketing strategy. Adobe Spark's video creation tool, in particular, is perfect for making funny, short clips that can engage viewers and convey a brand’s message in an entertaining way.

The platform's library of animations, soundtracks, and visual effects allows for the creation of content that is not only humorous but also professionally polished, ensuring that the brand's image remains intact while appealing to a broader audience.

For B2B marketers, these insights call for a strategic overhaul. This transition not only demands creativity but also a deep understanding of the target market's evolving needs and behaviors.

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