Here’s how Sophie’s BioNutrients became one of the top three most talked-about brands through a PR campaign

Discover Sophie’s BioNutrients' journey to top 3 in microalgae food with PR


Expanding into new markets holds great potential for sales and growth, yet it poses challenges like cultural adaptation and market competition.

Sophie’s BioNutrients, a Singapore-based food technology company, demonstrated effective market expansion through its year-long PR campaign with PR Newswire, becoming a prominent brand in its sector.

Founded in 2017, Sophie’s BioNutrients specializes in microalgae-based food production. Initially gaining media attention in Singapore, the company sought broader brand recognition and business growth opportunities locally and internationally.

Collaborating with PR Newswire, Sophie’s BioNutrients embarked on a 12-month-long PR campaign, distributing 12 press releases. This campaign significantly boosted the company's industry presence. The company doubled its share of voice in the global alternative protein market, ranked as a leading food tech brand, and secured media coverage in major outlets such as the South China Morning Post and Daily Mail.

PR Newswire's approach began with a comprehensive analysis of the global media landscape over the previous 24 months, including an audit of the competitors of Sophie’s BioNutrients.

The team identified relevant keywords and trends in the alternative protein and food technology space using Cision Communications Suite. This data formed the foundation of their year-long PR strategy.

The team crafted targeted messages for various audiences, including food manufacturers, consumers, and investors, emphasizing microalgae as an emerging superfood. These messages were conveyed through 12 strategically distributed press releases over the year.

Sophie’s BioNutrients' campaign achieved over 118,000 impressions and 98,700 views from these releases. Monitoring and analysis of media mentions and sentiment provided valuable insights into the effectiveness of each message and how it compared to competitors.

This data revealed significant European interest, guiding the company's expansion into the Netherlands in November 2021 to capitalize on its plant-based protein ecosystem.

Importantly, the campaign's success led to Sophie’s BioNutrients becoming the second most talked about brand in the global microalgae food industry. This achievement underscores the power of a well-executed PR strategy in elevating a brand's prominence in a highly specialized market.

The importance of analyzing trends and competitors cannot be overstated in crafting an effective PR strategy. Understanding the market landscape, including competitors' strengths and weaknesses, helps in creating resonant and impactful key messages. This process ensures that each press release not only reaches the target audience but also stands out in a crowded media landscape.

Furthermore, having the right team is crucial. The PR agency's expertise in media monitoring, strategic communication, and content distribution played a pivotal role in the brand's success in executing the PR campaign.

A skilled team can effectively interpret data, craft compelling narratives, and choose the right channels for distribution, ensuring that the PR efforts align with the company’s goals and resonate with the intended audience.

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