The rise of conversational commerce: strategies for today's digital marketer

Brands can drive loyalty and satisfaction by integrating AI into their conversational messaging strategies effectively.

The rise of conversational commerce: strategies for today's digital marketer

In 2023, conversational messaging took a monumental leap, marking a 137% increase in mobile app messages from the previous year, as evidenced by Infobip's analysis of 473 billion messages. This surge is attributed to the growing trend among brands to adopt an omnichannel approach, enhancing connections with consumers who seek more intimate interactions with the brands they support.

Infobip's report highlights the importance of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into messaging strategies, which customers have warmly received when the technology is flexible, exhibits personality, and knows precisely when to escalate issues to a human agent. This ability to maintain consistent support throughout various purchasing stages is crucial for fostering customer loyalty and achieving high satisfaction ratings.

Conversational commerce, particularly prevalent among teens and young adults in the APAC region, has grown by 22% in usage. Platforms such as WhatsApp Business, Apple Messages for Business, Google’s Business Messages, and RCS enable retailers to offer product-specific catalogs directly through messaging apps. This setup not only facilitates direct inquiries about products but also allows for the sharing of details, photos, and personalized recommendations, enhancing the shopping experience.

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For brands looking to capitalize on this trend, several features in platforms like Whatsapp can be instrumental. The 'Flows' feature, for example, allows for the creation of structured, interactive customer journeys within the app, guiding the user through each step of the purchasing process with relevant information. Similarly, 'Click to chat' ads provide a seamless transition from advertisements to conversations, encouraging immediate interaction and potentially boosting conversion rates.

The adoption of conversational messaging isn't just limited to customer interaction; it extends significantly into operational realms like scheduling deliveries and managing payments. This expansion is particularly noted in the telecommunications industry, where there has been a 275% increase in the use of such messaging in the APAC region.

AI tools to boost your conversational messaging strategy

Leveraging AI-driven tools for conversational messaging is becoming increasingly essential for brands looking to enhance customer engagement. Here are three powerful platforms that incorporate AI and machine learning to transform how brands communicate with their customers.

HubSpot CRM is designed with AI capabilities specifically tailored for conversational messaging. This platform can automate responses and analyze customer interactions to provide valuable insights. With its versatile chatbot feature, HubSpot enables brands to create custom conversational flows, guiding customers through personalized journeys and ensuring a seamless integration with various messaging apps.

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Zendesk Sunshine Conversations excels in facilitating real-time communication across multiple messaging channels, including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Its API-driven framework allows brands to craft custom messaging experiences that can be integrated into existing CRM systems. This setup enhances customer service by providing AI-driven insights and enabling consistent, high-quality interactions regardless of the communication platform.

Salesforce Einstein integrates deeply with Salesforce CRM, providing advanced features like predictive analytics and natural language processing. Einstein AI is adept at predicting customer behavior, automating routine communications, and delivering timely, relevant responses. This capability is crucial for maintaining consistent customer engagement and enhancing conversational commerce across all digital touchpoints.

By adopting these tools, companies can ensure that their messaging tactics not only meet but exceed the evolving expectations of their customers, ultimately fostering deeper engagement and loyalty.

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