TUMI launches 19 degree campaign with Son Heung-Min

TUMI's campaign for its 19 Degree Aluminium collection merges travel and fashion, with Son Heung-Min highlighting the line's design.

TUMI launches 19 degree campaign with Son Heung-Min

TUMI's campaign for the 19 Degree Aluminium collection features Son Heung-Min, a South Korean professional footballer, focusing on the integration of travel and fashion. The inclusion of Son highlights the collection while drawing attention to the blend of cultures and trends.

The 19 Degree Aluminum line includes products such as a backpack, compact carry-On, briefcase, and minaudiere, designed with travelers' needs in mind. These items are presented in the campaign, which places Son Heung-Min in various settings, emphasizing the collection's design and functionality. Son Heung-Min is a South Korean professional footballer who plays as a forward for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur and the South Korea national team.

The campaign, showcased on TUMI.com and in TUMI stores globally, encourages consumers to explore the collection. Son Heung-Min's involvement emphasizes TUMI's aim to reach a broad audience, showcasing the 19 Degree Aluminum line's design and utility.

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TUMI and Son Heung Min’s comments

Photographer Mia Barnes and director Dave Meyers worked to capture the essence of the 19 Degree Aluminum Backpack through unique visuals. Dave Meyers stated, "Working with Son Heung-Min brought a new dimension to the campaign. His presence added a distinct touch to the portrayal of the 19 Degree collection."

Jill Krizelman, TUMI’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and ecommerce, expressed the company's approach: "Having Son Heung-Min in our campaign bridges the gap between travel accessories and fashion. His role brings a fresh perspective to our 19 Degree collection, highlighting its practicality and design."

Son Heung-Min discussed his participation in the campaign: "Representing TUMI and the 19 Degree collection is a unique opportunity. This campaign goes beyond showcasing luggage; it's about highlighting the travel experience. I'm looking forward to sharing this with everyone."

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Implications in the media landscape

The trend of leveraging influencer marketing, particularly with Korean influencers, has become a strategic move for brands aiming to extend their reach to a global audience. Korean celebrities and influencers, known for their widespread popularity across various digital platforms, offer brands an impactful channel to communicate with diverse consumer bases.

This approach capitalizes on the influencers' ability to connect with fans and followers on a personal level, thereby enhancing brand visibility and appeal beyond geographic and cultural boundaries. The universal appeal of Korean culture, including K-pop and Korean dramas, has further amplified the effectiveness of this marketing strategy, making Korean influencers valuable assets for brands looking to make a mark on the international stage.

Louis Vuitton is an example of a luxury brand that has embraced Korean influencers in its marketing campaigns. The brand's collaboration with BTS, one of the world's most popular K-pop groups, showcases how luxury fashion brands are increasingly turning to Korean celebrities to enhance their global image and connect with younger demographics. By aligning with BTS, Louis Vuitton tapped into the group's massive global fanbase, generating significant buzz and engagement across social media platforms.

Coca-Cola has also successfully utilized Korean influencers in its marketing efforts. The beverage giant partnered with Park Seo-Joon, a renowned Korean actor, for its advertising campaigns. This collaboration leveraged Park's strong following and positive image to promote Coca-Cola products, particularly in Asian markets where the actor has a significant fanbase.

The strategic collaboration between TUMI and Son Heung-Min, along with the broader trend of engaging Korean influencers, underscores a transformative shift in global marketing strategies, blending cultural influence with brand messaging to forge deeper connections with consumers worldwide. This fusion of travel, fashion, and influencer appeal not only highlights the innovative approach of TUMI's campaign but also sets a benchmark for future brand collaborations aiming to capture the global marketplace.

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