Fast food marketing Yoshinoya’s AI voice over campaign with Tencent Music

Yoshinoya collaborates with data firm Vpon and Tencent Music to launch an AI voice over ad campaign, targeting an audience in Hong Kong.

Fast food marketing Yoshinoya’s AI voice over campaign with Tencent Music

Japanese fast-food chain Yoshinoya has recently collaborated with data company Vpon and digital music service Tencent Music to introduce a series of AI voice over advertisements. This collaboration aims to explore the potential of AI in creating virtual sound ads for office workers and students in Hong Kong.

Yoshinoya worked with local artists Gin Lee, Vincy Chan, and Jocelyn Chan, using Vpon's AI voice over technology to produce virtual voice advertisements. These ads are featured on JOOX, the music streaming platform owned by Tencent Music Entertainment Group. The campaign is noted for its simplicity, requiring only the legal consent of the artists and their managers, thus streamlining the production process.

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JOOX has developed an advertising model where ads, like those featuring Chan's virtual voice, are placed after the artist's songs. This placement is designed to create a seamless transition between music and advertising, aiming to maintain listener engagement.

The foundation for this campaign was a detailed analysis by Vpon, using data from Yoshinoya's CRM system. AI algorithms were used to identify the primary audience for the promotion. Additionally, Vpon applied AI technology to create advertising materials, expanding Yoshinoya's brand presence in public spaces and challenging perceptions about AI-generated content.

This campaign is Yoshinoya's first AI advertising effort in the Southeast Asian market, demonstrating the brand's initiative in digital advertising. Yoshinoya has also launched the "Yoshinoya Reward Card" loyalty app and exclusive dining discounts to enhance customer engagement.

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AI in APAC food industry

Imagine walking into a world where your favorite fast-food restaurant knows exactly what you crave before you even say a word and where the ordering process is as seamless as a conversation with an old friend. This isn't a scene from a futuristic movie; in recent years, major fast-food chains across the Asia-Pacific region have increasingly turned to artificial intelligence to revolutionize their advertising strategies and operational efficiencies.

In Japan, McDonald's has utilized AI for its marketing strategy. By diving deep into customer data analysis, the golden arches are not just selling burgers; they're crafting personalized advertising narratives that resonate with individual preferences, aiming to understand and predict what their customers will crave next.

Crossing over to China, KFC takes the concept of dining into the digital age with its smart restaurants. Here, facial recognition technology doesn't just see a customer; it predicts their order, offering suggestions based on past preferences, streamlining the ordering process, and crafting a dining experience that feels almost telepathically personalized.

Down under in Australia, Domino's Pizza harnesses the power of AI to weave efficiency into every aspect of its delivery service. From optimizing routes to ensuring every pizza passes a meticulous quality check, AI acts as the backbone of an operation that prides itself on delivering warmth, satisfaction, and, of course, piping hot pizzas, right to your doorstep with precision.

As artificial intelligence continues to weave its way into the fabric of the fast-food industry across the Asia-Pacific region, it's clear that the future of dining and advertising is already upon us.

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