Airtable report: martech is both problem and solution for US marketers

A recent survey by spreadsheet app Airtable reveals the amount of manual work done by senior marketers is around 13 hours per week.

Airtable report: martech is both problem and solution for US marketers

Marketers looking for the latest trends should spare a few minutes to check out a report done by famous spreadsheet app Airtable. The firm surveyed 300 marketing leaders (senior managers and above) working full-time at US-based companies with headcounts between 500 and 25,000 employees. The aim was to learn about trends related to their daily workloads.

The main takeaway: there’s too much manual work

Relative to the year before, 80% of respondents say that the volume of campaigns and content they’re responsible for has increased, with 38% of them revealing that the overall amount of work has increased by more than half.

Marketing leaders say this workload increase is the biggest source of stress for their teams. Other contributing factors include changing business needs, the challenges of working from home, and general operational complexity.

But it’s important to note that marketers aren’t complaining about the amount of work they have to do (per se). Instead, it’s more about a lack of time that they would otherwise need to do great work.

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According to the report, marketers are spending an average of 13 hours (or one third of their work hours) per week on mundane, operational tasks. This can result in organizational drag. The report also reveals that three out of four marketers are frustrated by the amount of time it takes to ship new campaigns.

It turns out that marketing tools are both the solution and the problem. The report reveals that 60% of marketers are using more than 20 marketing tools on a regular basis. Because of this, leaders say that around 34% of data and information is duplicated across different sources like documents and apps. 61% of respondents are still synchronizing data somewhat or completely manually.

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While marketing leaders say that they have a lot of data to work with (partly thanks to the number of martech tools they use), nearly half reveal that they still struggle when seeking key insights and recommendations to make strategic decisions. In fact, this is the number one problem identified by respondents as the biggest obstacle inhibiting their team’s success, followed by gaps in expertise and inefficient workflows.

You can find more information about the full research here.

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