Beyond blogs: B2B content formats to try when building presence in the new market

Learn how to diversify your content marketing strategy to build your presence in the new market.

Beyond blogs: B2B content formats to try when building presence in the new market

Blogs are effective for driving traffic and generating leads, making them a fundamental part of a company's content strategy, especially when aiming to establish a presence in a new market as a thought leader. However, to truly stand out and connect with the target audience, diversifying the content marketing mix is essential.

Expanding beyond blogs provides companies with a variety of content distribution options, enhancing their ability to engage different segments of their audience. This diversification not only broadens the reach but also increases the likelihood of the content being shared, further amplifying the company's visibility and impact.

Deciding which content formats to your audience and goals

Mismatched content and goals can lead to missed opportunities. Imagine putting a technical white paper on social media. It wouldn't fit the platform's quick, bite-sized content style. On the other hand, offering a short explainer video at an industry conference might leave attendees wanting more details.

Here's a quick look at content formats that align with different marketing goals:

  • Brand Awareness: Use infographics, social media content, and short explainer videos to raise awareness and establish your presence.
  • Lead Generation: Offer downloadable content like white papers, ebooks, and gated webinars in exchange for contact information. This captures leads.
  • Thought Leadership: Publish in-depth white papers, conduct industry webinars for B2B decision-makers, and contribute articles to relevant B2B publications. These activities position you as a trusted source of knowledge.

B2B content formats to try when building presence in the new market

1. White papers

White papers are detailed reports that tackle challenges faced by Indonesian startups. They offer solutions based on your company's expertise, providing valuable data and research to support decision-making.

For example, imagine a report titled "Securing Funding in the Indonesian Fintech Landscape." This report could explain the difficulties startups face when getting funding and offer solutions based on your experience in venture capital.  White papers establish you as a thought leader within the Indonesian startup ecosystem.

2. Webinars

Webinars are online workshops where you interact with viewers in real-time. This is a powerful way to connect with potential clients and demonstrate your expertise. You can discuss industry trends, answer questions, and create a direct connection with potential clients.  For success in Indonesia, consider local time zones and culturally relevant content. Leverage local platforms for promotion.

For example, consider hosting a webinar called "Building a Successful On-Demand Delivery Service in Indonesia." This session could discuss best practices and regulations to consider in Indonesia. By answering questions live, you can connect with potential clients interested in on-demand delivery.

Webinars and AI in APAC
The integration of AI in webinars is reshaping lead generation and audience engagement in the Asia Pacific region.

3. Ebooks

Ebooks are detailed guides on specific topics relevant to Indonesian startups. They offer more depth than a blog post or infographic, making them a great way to generate leads. When creating ebooks, focus on providing practical tips that Indonesian startups can use in their businesses. Ensure the ebook is visually appealing to encourage downloads and shares.

Imagine an ebook titled "E-commerce Logistics and Fulfillment Strategies for Indonesian Businesses." This guide could offer practical advice for startups navigating the e-commerce landscape, covering topics like warehouse management and delivery solutions. By providing valuable information, you can establish yourself as a trusted resource and capture leads.

4. Infographics

Infographics present information and data in a visually engaging way, making complex topics easier to understand and share. This format is particularly effective for capturing attention and increasing your visibility among Indonesian B2B audiences.

Consider creating an infographic titled "Indonesian Startup Funding by Industry." This infographic could visually represent key data on funding trends across different sectors within the Indonesian startup scene. By focusing on clarity, using your brand elements, and optimizing for social media sharing in Indonesia, you can effectively simplify complex information and reach a wider audience.

Track these content metrics for business growth
Metrics guide decisions. Explore essential metrics for content strategy success and business growth.

Building a well-rounded B2B content strategy requires exploration of various content formats. Consider collaborating with your marketing team and other relevant departments to leverage their expertise. This cross-functional approach can lead to the creation of original and insightful content.

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