Explore the new features of Banuba's video editor SDK

Discover how the updated video editor SDK by Banuba enables quicker app development and enhances user engagement.

Explore the new features of Banuba's video editor SDK

Banuba is a technology company that specializes in augmented reality (AR) solutions, offering products like a video editor SDK that integrates advanced features such as AI-generated captions and avatar creation for app development.

Recently, Banuba has updated its video editor SDK, positioning itself in the field of augmented reality (AR) technology. This update arrives as the landscape of social media applications is undergoing shifts, particularly with developments around Tiktok. According to Anton Liskevich, CPO and co-founder of Banuba, the new SDK will help developers launch applications more swiftly and improve user acquisition strategies.

One of the features of the new SDK is the integration of AI-generated captions. Considering that 80% of online videos are viewed without sound, this feature is necessary. It facilitates the creation of content for silent playback and reduces the time spent on manual captioning. The SDK also includes features such as auto generated avatars, integration with royalty-free music sources, and simulated studio lighting, making it a tool for various applications.

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Targeting social media platforms, photo and video editing apps, live streaming services, ecommerce ventures, and educational and lifestyle applications, Banuba’s SDK supports native Android and iOS, as well as react native and flutter frameworks. The recent decision by the US House of Representatives to pass a bill banning Tiktok highlights a market opportunity. Banuba’s video editor SDK is designed to help businesses quickly create short video content to capitalize on this market demand.

AI-powered tools to enhance social media video creation

As AI technology advances, several tools have emerged that streamline video production, each catering to different needs within the content creation ecosystem.

Magisto stands out with its AI-powered capabilities that automate the entire video creation process from editing to distribution. This tool is designed to minimize the effort required by users, making it an ideal choice for marketers and businesses aiming to engage their audiences without investing heavily in video production skills.

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Lumen5 leverages AI to transform written content into dynamic videos. This platform is particularly valuable for creators and businesses intent on repurposing blog posts or articles into visually appealing video formats. It simplifies the conversion process, allowing users to expand the reach of their written content across video-centric platforms like YouTube and social media.

Wave.video offers a comprehensive video creation platform that equips users with extensive editing tools and access to a vast library of stock assets. The focus of Wave.video is to democratize video marketing, making it accessible not only to large companies but also to smaller businesses seeking to make an impact without significant resources.

Clipchamp, now a part of Microsoft's suite of tools, enhances social media video creation with robust editing tools and features such as webcam recording, screen recording, and AI-driven audiovisual elements. This tool is tailored to produce polished content suitable for a variety of social media platforms, aiding creators in maintaining a compelling online presence.

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