Bidmath opens e-commerce Lab for retail media management in APAC and the Middle East

Explore Bidmath's e-commerce lab, aimed at improving digital retail media with marketplace analytics and strategy development in Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Bidmath opens e-commerce Lab for retail media management in APAC and the Middle East

Bidmath, a digital agency that specializes in data-driven media and analytics, has announced the opening of its e-commerce lab, The Hyderabad Lab, which is a new initiative designed to enhance retail media management and brand performance on major online marketplaces in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions.

This move aims to address the challenges of retail media management for its clients in Asia Pacific and the Middle East. The agency builds on its experience in digital marketing strategies to support the growing e-commerce sector in these regions.

The initiative reflects Bidmath's effort to provide solutions for the e-commerce industry. It targets major marketplaces like Lazada, Shopee, Amazon, and Flipkart. The objective is to improve brand visibility and performance in digital retail media.

KK Sharma, the co-founder and CEO of Bidmath, notes the growth of retail media in India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. He cites industry forecasts predicting a 12% annual growth for the retail media sector, reaching US$140 billion by 2026. This growth indicates a shift from traditional advertising channels to retail media.

The new retail media hub in Hyderabad represents Bidmath's commitment to brand support in the e-commerce marketplace. The facility aims to serve as a center for technology and data insights, pushing brands to succeed in these markets.

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Bidmath’s e-commerce lab highlights

  1. Specialized team: Bidmath has formed a team focused on e-commerce retail media management in the INSEA and Middle East regions.
  2. Data analytics: The lab uses data analytics to offer insights into consumer behavior, helping to refine marketing strategies and improve ROI.
  3. Cross-marketplace strategy: The lab develops strategies for navigating digital marketplaces, aiming for consistent brand presence and visibility.
  4. Localized content: Understanding cultural diversity, the lab provides localized content and campaign management to connect with local audiences.
  5. Training and support: To address the knowledge gap in retail media, Bidmath offers training, aiming to enhance digital marketing skills.

Bidmath has supported brands like P&G and Philips in achieving their e-commerce goals. Rakesh Singh, regional managing director, emphasizes the importance of customized retail media strategies for brand success in diverse marketplaces.

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Digital agencies in APAC: focusing on e-commerce

Digital agencies in the APAC region are increasingly focusing on e-commerce, adapting swiftly to the market's evolving demands. The shift toward e-commerce accelerated notably in 2020, driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, which compelled agencies to intensify their e-commerce strategies.

Agencies like Mindshare, AKQA, and Accenture Interactive have expanded their online commerce offerings, incorporating advanced training programs, partnerships with major platforms like Lazada and Amazon, and leveraging technology to enhance e-commerce capabilities​​.

The launch of specialized e-commerce arms like OMG's Transact highlights a strategic move towards offering end-to-end consultancy and support for brands aiming to strengthen their digital marketplace presence. Transact, headquartered in Singapore, provides a comprehensive range of services, including e-commerce strategy, media, marketplace investment, and store management across major platforms like Lazada, Amazon, and TMALL.

Moreover, the economic landscape in the APAC region, particularly in China and India, is experiencing significant changes, with retail sectors in these countries showing signs of robust growth. This creates ample opportunities for brands to leverage partnership marketing to navigate the complexities of the APAC market effectively.

For instance, China's retail sector is on the verge of a renaissance, thanks to consumer-centric policies aimed at boosting spending and confidence. Meanwhile, India's retail market is witnessing rapid growth due to its large, digitally-connected middle-class population​.

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