Closeup revitalizes classic love song in 2024 campaign with Filipino stars

Closeup's latest campaign reimagines the beloved tune ‘Closer You and I’ with Adie's voice and the charm of DonBelle, bridging generations through music.

Closeup revitalizes classic love song in 2024 campaign with Filipino stars

In a creative blend of heritage and contemporary flair, Closeup Philippines has launched a campaign that reinvigorates the timeless love song ‘Closer You and I’. This Manila-based toothpaste leader is making waves by partnering with the burgeoning talents in the Filipino music and acting scene, offering a fresh take on a song that has long been a symbol of romantic sentiments.

The campaign, masterfully crafted by MullenLowe TREYNA, features a 2024 version of the iconic melody, now enriched by the soulful vocals of Adie, a prominent Filipino singer-songwriter. The narrative is further brought to life by the dynamic presence of Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano, collectively known as DonBelle, in the campaign's engaging film; both are celebrated actors in the Philippines, renowned for their roles in television and film.

At the heart of Closeup's ‘kilig’ campaign lies the aim to capture the thrilling essence of romantic excitement, resonating with both long-standing fans and a new, younger audience. The term ‘kilig’ refers to the flutter of excitement or the giddy feeling one experiences from romantic encounters or gestures. The initiative celebrates love's joyful moments, reflecting the brand's deep-rooted pledge to cultivate connections that endure through time.

Gino Padilla, the original artist behind ‘Closer You and I’, lauds the new rendition and Adie’s remarkable interpretation, recognizing the song’s perpetual association with his identity and its ongoing blessings linked to the Closeup brand. The refreshed single's release, spotlighting Adie and DonBelle's collaborative synergy, has enchanted over a million viewers, heralding a vibrant chapter for Closeup. This campaign not only honors the brand's illustrious legacy but also its progressive outlook, championing the perpetual essence of love and connectivity.

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Brands and utilizing music in their marketing strategies

Similar marketing strategies leveraging music have been employed by other brands to significant effect.

Apple's "Shot on iPhone" campaign exemplifies the brand's effective use of catchy music to complement the visual storytelling of its advertisements. By showcasing stunning visuals captured by iPhone users set to compelling music, Apple emphasizes the camera's capabilities while engaging viewers emotionally. The selected tracks for these ads, ranging from indie artists to more well-known musicians, help to convey a sense of creativity and innovation, aligning perfectly with the brand's identity.

Target's "Color Changes Everything" campaign serves as a prime example of the brand's use of upbeat, catchy music to create a vibrant and dynamic shopping experience. The ad features a lively tune that accompanies scenes of colorful products and happy customers, reinforcing the idea that Target is a place where shopping is not just a chore, but a delightful adventure. The music's energetic vibe is infectious, encouraging viewers to associate Target with positivity and joy.

Starbucks’ "Spotify-Starbucks partnership" enhances the coffee shop experience by allowing customers to identify and curate playlists heard in-store, demonstrating music's role in creating ambiance and connection.

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Music in the media industry

As Closeup navigates 2024, this campaign exemplifies the immortal influence of music and love in uniting diverse generations, igniting joy across many hearts. From a media perspective, music's universal appeal and its ability to evoke strong emotional responses make it a potent tool for campaigns. It transcends language and cultural barriers, facilitating a deeper connection with audiences. Scientifically, music stimulates the brain's reward centers, releasing dopamine and creating feelings of pleasure and attachment, which can enhance brand recall and loyalty.

For media stakeholders, the implications are manifold. Incorporating music into marketing strategies can significantly amplify engagement and emotional resonance with the audience. It also underscores the importance of crafting authentic and memorable experiences that align with brand values and consumer identities, setting a precedent for future multimedia marketing endeavors.

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