Filo integrates Zoom to help marketers conduct awesome virtual events

With the partnership, Filo customers can use Zoom’s video conference functions while hosting virtual events.

Filo integrates Zoom to help marketers conduct awesome virtual events

Collaboration tool Filo announced earlier this week that it has partnered up with popular video app Zoom (NASDAQ: ZM) to upgrade Filo’s virtual event functions. This means Filo has essentially joined Zoom’s ISV Partner Program, which allows third-party firms to use Zoom’s API and SDK.

On the martech side of things, Filo enables marketers to organize custom-branded virtual events and allows attendees to “jump in and out” of virtual conference rooms. With the official tie-up, users can apply Zoom’s functions for video conferences inside these events.

“Our mission is to help distributed teams collaborate better online,” said Filo CEO Matt Compton. “Our integration with Zoom ensures that we deliver the industry-leading video conferencing experience to our customers and allows us to develop virtual workspaces that foster unmatched opportunities for connection, collaboration, and creativity.”

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Filo’s strength seems to lay in its collaborative platform. The firm’s primary function is to help teams work together as if they’re in an office, where members can hop in and out of each virtual room. The virtual event function is just one of the app’s use cases.

The American startup faces plenty of competition in the virtual event space, including from the likes of Hubilo with its registration functions, and unicorn Hopin, which offers end-to-end solutions for hosting live online events.

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Senior management and new CMO

Jeffrey K. Rohrs joins as Filo's CMO.
Jeffrey K. Rohrs joins as Filo's CMO.

Launched in December 2020 by venture builder High Alpha, Filo’s team includes several seasoned talents. Compton held a senior director position at Salesforce and has one exit to his name as an entrepreneur. CPO Doug Rybacki held multiple c-level positions at document management software Conga.

Today, Compton also announced that his firm hired another senior executive Jeffrey K. Rohrs as the company’s CMO. Rohrs is a veteran in the marketing space, having donned the mantle of CMO at B2B data management platform Yext. He also previously served as VP of Marketing Insights at Salesforce.

“In short order, has developed into a compelling solution for organizations looking to overcome online meeting fatigue, boost engagement, and work together more effectively,” said Rohrs. “The Filo vision is big, and I look forward to helping make it a reality for distributed teams, innovative event planners, and culture-forward companies around the globe.”

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