IPG Mediabrands Japan welcomes Matt Ware as new CEO

IPG Mediabrands announces Matt Ware as the new CEO of its Japan operations, aiming to optimize media investments and drive real business outcomes.

IPG Mediabrands Japan welcomes Matt Ware as new CEO

IPG Mediabrands, a global media and marketing solutions company, has officially appointed Matt Ware as the new CEO of its Japan division, marking a transition in leadership following Koichi Sonoda's tenure.

Ware's role at IPG Mediabrands Japan involves leading the network's strategy to optimize advertisers' media investments to align with business outcomes. He will report directly to Leigh Terry, CEO of IPG Mediabrands APAC.

With years of digital marketing experience, Ware's career spans achievements and roles globally. His journey began in Barcelona, immersed in the data-driven transformation of finance, igniting his interest in digital advertising.

This led him back to London and eventually to the APAC region in 2009, where he focused on establishing regional headquarters for US ad technology firms. Ware's move to the agency side in 2015 saw him in various capacities at WPP and IPG, handling accounts for major advertisers.

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His appointment draws from expertise, notably his tenure as APAC CEO of KINESSO, an IPG Mediabrands entity known for its approach to performance marketing. Ware's leadership at KINESSO involved managing a team of digital specialists across the Asia-Pacific, advancing in digital media, marketing automation, analytics, commerce, and AI.

Moreover, Ware's connection to Japan is not new; he previously lived in Tokyo, serving as the managing director for Xaxis, WPP's digital activation unit, between 2018 and 2021.

“I am thrilled to be taking up the Japan leadership role and excited to be returning to a market that I'm passionate about,” said Matt. “Having worked in APAC for 15 years, Japan has always been a special place for me; full of innovation, excitement, and global players but also a robust and vibrant domestic tech scene. It's a fascinating time to be working in advertising in Japan and I'm delighted to be back,” he added.

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