A futuristic feast: MCD’s AI-powered Lunar New Year campaign

Embracing generative AI, Mcdonald's Hong Kong ushers in the Lunar New Year with digital creativity.

A futuristic feast: MCD’s AI-powered Lunar New Year campaign

This year marks a significant milestone for McDonald's Hong Kong as it celebrates Chinese New Year in a truly futuristic manner. Collaborating with DDB Group Hong Kong, McDonald's has introduced an integrated campaign that not only draws inspiration from last year's "Raise Your Arches" initiative but also takes a giant leap forward by incorporating generative AI for the first time.

The essence of the campaign lies in its creative approach. A specially crafted video showcases celebrities and artists from Warner Music, including Bowie Woo and Helena Law, engaging in the iconic "arch raise" to extend festive blessings. The highlight is the AI-generated McDonald's worlds that promise an enchanting experience, merging technology with the joyous spirit of the festivities.

A noteworthy aspect of this campaign is its broad reach, utilizing social media, in-restaurant displays, and OOH advertising, with a particular focus on the bustling travellator from Hong Kong Station to Central. The campaign video is also displayed on the LED billboard at Harbour City's entrance to Star House, running from 7 to 20 February 2024. This strategic placement ensures it captures the attention of a wide audience during this festive period.

Tina Chao, chief marketing and digital customer experience officer at McDonald’s Hong Kong and Frankie Fung, chief creative officer at DDB Group  Hong Kong, both highlight the brand's commitment to exploring new technologies to enhance customer engagement and experience. “It’s been fun exploring the possibilities with generative AI, and how it can complement our brand. We believe the visual interest and impact of AI has added extra flavours to the celebration in this Chinese New Year campaign, capturing the joy and sense of hope and possibilities.” Chao mentions.

McDonald's past initiatives, including the McNuggets' 40th-anniversary campaign, demonstrate its pioneering spirit in embracing modern art and technology to forge deeper connections with its audience.

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AI campaigns: future of marketing

This campaign positions MCD as a pioneer in the media landscape, demonstrating how AI can create engaging and innovative advertising experiences. tools like OpenAI's GPT and DALL·E can generate creative content and visuals. Moreover, this campaign sets a positive precedent in the media landscape, illustrating the potential of AI to create engaging and immersive experiences. Tools like Adobe's Sensei and IBM Watson can also be instrumental in crafting such AI-driven campaigns.

Brands like Nike, with its AI-customized sneakers, Pepsi's AI-generated music video for the Super Bowl and Coca-Cola, leveraging AI for market analysis and personalized marketing, have also successfully utilized AI, showcasing its effectiveness. The future of AI in marketing is bright, promising more personalized and interactive campaigns that resonate deeply with consumers.

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