Media on ContentGrow are welcoming novice science writers

Media on our platform are looking for freelance writers who are seeking to gain experience covering scientific aspects of everyday life and culture.

Media on ContentGrow are welcoming novice science writers

ContentGrow helps content teams assemble and manage freelancers around the world. We connect our users to high-quality pros who are likely to fit well with certain projects (in this case, on the science and culture beat). If this interests you and matches your skillset, please fill out the form below.

Media on our platform are seeking freelance writers who are looking for experience covering scientific aspects of everyday life and culture. This could include but may not be limited to the areas where science meets sports, relationships, health, and business. Writers need to possess native written fluency in English and be able to turn stories around in a matter of days.

This project is well-suited for students, new writers, and those looking to build out their portfolios. Freelance writers should be capable of conducting light desk research to identify science trends and discoveries, then write fun and compelling blog posts based on their findings.

Ideally, applicants should also demonstrate a baseline understanding of the latest scientific research news and updates. Those who are able to demonstrate a track record of data-driven scientific stories and analysis will be prioritized.

Maybe you have stories to pitch based on the latest science trends and how they can relate to everyday life in the office. Perhaps you’ve found lesser-known research reports that deserve some spotlight. Maybe you specialize in finding patterns and algorithms behind a successful sports team’s performance.

Bylines in one or more of the following science-focused publications are highly desired:

  • Science Daily
  • Science American
  • Popsci
  • NewScientist
  • Live Science

Rates are fixed on a per published story basis, but with extra financial incentives for stories that perform well (e.g. get pageviews).

If you haven’t worked inside of our platform before, here are the basics:

  • ContentGrow allows you direct access and comms with the publishers.
  • Publishers on ContentGrow pay freelance journalists in full, minus relevant taxes, commissions, and transfer fees.
  • There’s no obligation to accept assignments.
  • Before getting started, you will be briefly acquainted with our platform.
  • Our clients are major media outlets that will make strong additions to your portfolio.

If you’re interested, please apply by creating a free ContentGrow portfolio below.

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