Moonfolks' Indonesian journey: Anish Daryani takes the helm

Moonfolks, led by Anish Daryani, emerges as an agency driven by AI innovation, redefining marketing possibilities, and pioneering an ‘Accelerated Commerce’ model for clients.

Moonfolks rebrand from M&C Saatchi led by Anish Daryani

Marking the company’s 6th anniversary, on January 24, 2024, M&C Saatchi Indonesia officially rebranded to Moonfolks, an agency inspired by an AI-driven future where innovative ideas are a necessity. Moonfolks, led by Anish Daryani as president director and CEO, is poised to make a significant impact in Indonesia and beyond.

Moonfolks draws its inspiration from the burgeoning AI revolution that has been sweeping through the communications industry. In a press release, Daryani articulated the agency's mission: "It aims to take brands to new heights." This vision underscores Moonfolks' commitment to being one of the most effective agencies globally.

Daryani goes on to emphasize their purpose: "We're here to 'make the audacious possible' by helping brands achieve the impossible." This purpose is more than just a slogan; it represents the agency's dedication to pushing boundaries and redefining what is achievable, especially in an AI-driven world.

Leadership for success

Along with Daryani, Moonfolks will be led by fellow co-founders Dami Sidharta (chief creative officer) and Elki Hendria (chief strategy & digital officer).

Moonfolks also boasts a strong business leadership team. Dyah Ariani and Femmy Kowel will be heading advertising services, while Yogi Tara will serve as the executive creative director. Business director Aji Harsono takes the helm of the agency's shopper and brand experience business.

Daryani will oversee public relations services temporarily, with plans to bring in another high-profile hire in the near future. This dynamic leadership team ensures that Moonfolks is well-equipped to tackle the diverse challenges of the industry.

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Moonfolks’ unique offerings

One of Moonfolks' standout features is its 'Accelerated Commerce' model, a strategic approach aimed at generating commerce for clients and achieving a higher return on ad spend (ROAS). This model encompasses a range of services, including advertising, digital, shopper and brand experience (shopex), and public relations - all designed to drive tangible results that convert to commerce.

Moonfolks doesn't just embrace AI in its strategic vision; it also incorporates AI into its content creation process. The agency leverages Generative AI solutions to produce a substantial volume of content while offering clients a distinct cost advantage, making high-quality content creation more accessible than ever before.

It's worth noting that the integration of AI and human expertise has become increasingly common in the content creation landscape. Indonesia-based Content Collision is another agency that exemplifies this trend by seamlessly incorporating AI into its daily operations, ensuring the delivery of English content at a native level of proficiency to serve clients worldwide.

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