3 recommended plagiarism checker tools in 2022

Unique and plagiarism-free content is made easier with tech. Check out these tools to prevent problems and keep your content original.

3 recommended plagiarism checker tools in 2022

Delivering unique and original content is necessary for brands and marketers to connect with their audiences. It establishes first impressions, builds trust, and offers up answers to likely questions.

That said, it's also easier than ever to accidentally use content copied verbatim from somewhere else, especially if other people are writing your content. Sometimes, writers may paraphrase content from research, thinking their stories have zero plagiarism.

Depending on the source, plagiarism can come with a range of implications – from getting chewed out by strangers all the way to dealing with their lawyers.

On the bright side, new tech offers ways to tackle the issue and prevent your team from getting into trouble. A variety of free plagiarism checkers are available online. In no particular oreder, here are some good ones to check out.  

Plagiarism tools for brands and marketers

1. Grammarly

Any tool that finds writing issues like grammatical errors, passive voice, unclear statements, and plagiarism  in less than a minute sounds like a sweet solution.

Grammarly is a San Francisco-based real-time writing assistant with a plagiarism checker. The app is helpful for writers seeking an all-in-one solution. It sends an instant report on whether it has found plagiarism in a given document.

Grammarly works with a slew of big names, including Cisco, Dell, Expedia, Expensify, Magento, and Trulia. It claims to be serving 30 million writers and 30,000 teams to date. In November 2021, the firm raised a US$200 million private equity round. So far, it has a total of US$400 million in raised capital.

Grammarly offers a free version for basic writing suggestions. It also provides Premium and Business plans. The Premium plan is priced at US$30 monthly, US$60 quarterly, and US$144 annually. In constrast, the Business plan costs US$25 monthly per user.

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2. PaperRater

PaperRater's app specializes in revisions, proofreading, and plagiarism detection. Users can upload files of various different formats to the platform. It also offers a vocabulary builder to enrich the users' writing.

Interestingly, Paper Rater has an automated essay scoring system. It gives student users a glimpse of what score they might receive. Bing and Google power the platform's plagiarism detection service. It offers an 'Originality' score that shows the percentage of how original the text is.

Schools and businesses use PaperRater.com in more than 100 countries. In August 2018, Barnes & Noble Education acquired Paper Rater for an undisclosed amount.

The platform offers free and paid plans: The Basic plan (free) and the Premium plan (US$14.95 monthly). The free plan allows users to have ten plagiarism checks per month and submit 50 documents. In comparison, the Premium plan lets users have 200 submissions and 25 plagiarism checks per month.

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3. Copyscape

Copyscape is a tool that uses AI to help content professionals sort out writing issues and verify the originality of their work.

The app offers two products: Copyscape Premium and Copysentry.

Copyscape Premium is a plagiarism detecting service that verifies the originality of an uploaded document, identifies any content duplication, and delivers team management tools for businesses. It charges US$0.03 per search for up to 200 words. The platform charges an additional US$0.01 for every 100 additional words.

Copysentry is an automated agent that protects your company's website against content theft with daily monitoring. It sends an email when new copies of your existing content appear on the web. It charges US$4.95 monthly for weekly web page checks and US$19.95 monthly for daily web page checks.

Notable companies that use Copyscape's tech include Mindfire Interactive, Studio360, Textprovider, and Threadwatch.org.

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