Synup enhances local SEO capabilities with OptimoRank acquisition

Synup's acquisition of OptimoRank aims to address gaps in local SEO, offering businesses tools for improved search rankings.

Synup enhances local SEO capabilities with OptimoRank acquisition

Synup announced its acquisition of OptimoRank, following the former’s earlier purchase of Clientjoy, as part of its strategy to strengthen its presence in the local marketing software sector. Synup is a company that provides local marketing software to businesses while OptimoRank specializes in grid ranking technology, which facilitates detailed analysis of search engine rankings across various geographical areas.

The incorporation of OptimorRank's technology into Synup's offerings is intended to improve how businesses manage their local listings and understand their search rankings.

Ashwin Ramesh, CEO of Synup, described the acquisition as aligned with the company's goal to offer a broad range of local marketing services. Martin Krivosija, founder of OptimoRank, and Vinod Sankar, CTO of Synup, both highlighted the potential benefits of merging their technologies for improving local SEO strategies.

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"Ashwin understood our product and mission from the start. After working with him on this acquisition, I couldn’t be more thrilled to be passing the reins to Synup. My team has done great work building this product, and I can’t wait to see where Synup takes it.", Martin highlighted.

Over the past year, Synup has introduced several new products and initiatives, including Synup Social, Synup Secure, and a free trial for local marketing services. These steps, along with the acquisition of OptimoRank, are part of Synup's effort to expand its local marketing tools and services.

Martech in APAC

In the APAC region, other martech companies have pursued acquisitions to enhance their service offerings.

For instance, HubSpot, a leading growth platform, expanded its suite of services by acquiring The Hustle, a media company known for its business newsletter and content. This acquisition, completed in early 2021, was aimed at enhancing HubSpot's content offerings and providing its users with more valuable business insights and trends.

The Hustle's reputation for creating engaging, informative content aligned with HubSpot's strategy to offer comprehensive marketing and sales solutions by integrating content that appeals to a broad audience of professionals and businesses.

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In recent strategic expansions within the SEO industry, two major companies have fortified their offerings through acquisitions. Semrush acquired Backlinko to deepen its educational resources, leveraging Brian Dean's SEO expertise to enhance strategy and insights for its users. BrightEdge's acquisition of Oncrawl integrated advanced technical SEO analysis into its platform, broadening its insights into search engine operations.

These moves reflect a growing trend towards consolidating and expanding SEO tools and services, aiming to provide users with more integrated solutions and insights. The acquisitions by companies such as Synup also indicate a broader industry shift towards valuing SEO as essential for maintaining competitiveness.

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