5 recommended content marketers to follow in 2021

Here are five famous content marketers who offer fresh insights regularly.

5 recommended content marketers to follow in 2021

The content marketing industry is massive, with an estimated size of US$63.3 billion in 2020 in the US alone. Content marketers have found great success generating inbound leads and converting them into paid customers by following the advice of a few high-profile influencers in the industry. It’s never too late to learn new things about this space from the experts.

Here are five content marketing specialists who offer fresh insights regularly. The ones listed here aren’t just talkers. They’ve built their own lead- and revenue-generating machines with the help of content.

Neil Patel

New York Times bestseller, top web influencer, and entrepreneur Neil Patel is a highly respected practitioner in the content marketing space. He now generates hundreds of leads each month via his personal blog NeilPatel.com. The site currently attracts more than 8 million monthly readers. Among other things, he monetizes his blog by driving traffic to his SEO agency and SEO tool.

Patel believes that content marketing provides something of value to customers that traditional ads don’t. Where traditional ads tend to interrupt a reader, well-constructed, relevant content is something the consumer wants to return to.

He advocates for the power of words in encouraging action from readers and highlights that the way to use them isn’t to simply blog about one’s business. Rather, the goal should always be to give customers content that’s relevant to them. This content is then given in exchange for their attention.

Content marketers can learn from Patel via his blog and YouTube channel.

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Tim Ferriss

Ferriss is an author who is also well-known for his business podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show. Listeners can learn about productivity strategies, entrepreneurship insights, and the occasional marketing tip.

It’s one of the few business podcasts to pass the 100 million download mark and has been featured multiple times by Apple as one of the year’s best podcast channels. Such is the success of this podcast that he has been called the Oprah of podcasters.

He says that multinational brands often make the mistake of believing that volume and velocity make for effective content marketing. However, words that encourage sharing and action are the real powerhouses behind any marketing strategy.

Ferriss believes providing useful, evergreen content — which is valuable even six months from now — makes content marketing successful. He says that powerful words are harnessed through writing about what one knows well and considering what is relevant to the consumer.

Learn more from Tim Ferris via his podcast and books.

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is a content marketing practitioner who specializes in “Evangelism Marketing.” This tactic aims to convince customers so strongly about one’s product that they will end up advocating for it to their friends.

As a former chief evangelist at Apple and current chief evangelist at Canva, he has harnessed the power of content by authoring 15 books and recently starting a podcast called Remarkable People. He doesn’t actually teach about content marketing, but marketers can observe how he leverages content to execute impactful marketing campaigns.

He says content creators should strive to make meaning, and this will bring in money. He also believes less is more when it comes to creating powerful words and that if one can’t describe their business model in ten words or fewer, then there is no business model.

See Kawasaki in action through his podcast and books.

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Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is the fiery founder of the digital advertising agency VaynerMedia. Today, most marketers may recognize him from #AskGaryVee talks. He advocates for entrepreneurship and garners millions of followers from multiple social media platforms.

Vaynerchuk believes that quantity matters. Marketers will continuously hone their content quality output and better understand their target market by producing more content. He also says that it’s not just shares and engagement that affect content rankings; passion plays an important role.

According to him, passion and personality can help marketers stand out on social media. Further, he advises marketers to focus on driving conversations between the brand and its audience.

Learn more about how Vaynerchuk can draw millions of followers by tuning in to his talks.

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Seth Godin

Seth Godin is an entrepreneur and former Yahoo VP of direct marketing. Today, he spends most of his time as an author and podcaster. His marketing books, such as The Purple Cow, Tribes, and This is Marketing are New York Times bestsellers.

He also proclaims that marketers should focus on sharing stories and building relationships with ‘tribes’ instead of individual customers. According to Godin, tribes are like-minded people who have a common denominator — a leader or a guiding idea. Focusing your marketing efforts on these tribes can become a powerful beachhead strategy.

Godin is also known for his belief in the concept of “Permission Marketing.” Basically, this means that marketers should only start offering products and services to customers who are willing to receive the information. Newsletter subscriptions are a good example of this strategy. Build trust first before making the sale.

Marketers can learn more about Godin’s marketing insights by reading his books.

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