Top 12 Indonesian tech media outlets for startups

Discover the top 12 tech media outlets in Indonesia to boost your startup's visibility and growth in the Indonesian market.

Top 12 Indonesian tech media outlets for startups

Selecting the right media outlets is key for startups aiming to boost their visibility, particularly when targeting new markets. Whether for announcing funding, launching products, or hosting events, choosing an effective media partner is important. The wrong choice can lead to less effective results.

This article presents a list of top media outlets for tech startups looking to increase their presence in Indonesia. The media landscape here includes both print and digital platforms, covering a wide range of topics from technological innovations to regulatory changes.

Getting featured in a top tech media outlet can make a significant difference for a startup. It can enhance brand awareness and establish credibility, which are crucial for attracting partnerships, securing investment, and fostering growth.

The following sections will introduce media outlets that specialize in technology or have a strong technology section, making them a good match for startups striving for recognition in Indonesia. Please note that the following media outlets are shortlisted without any specific order.


DetikINET is a prominent new media outlet in Indonesia that focuses on technology, trends, gadgets, and cyberlife.The content is in Bahasa Indonesia, making it a local source for news and information. It is part of the Detik Network, founded in 1998, and falls under a media group with CNN Indonesia and CNBC Indonesia.

The platform records 8.214 million views per month and serves a diverse audience, including young and senior readers. For submissions of press releases, media events, or collaboration inquiries, DetikINET directs individuals to their information page.

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DailySocial is a news media outlet with a focus on startups, MSME digitalization, funding, and related research. It offers comprehensive coverage for entrepreneurs, startups, and technology enthusiasts. The content is available in both Bahasa Indonesia and English, catering to a broad audience.

The platform attracts 2.838 million views per month, according to Similarweb. For those looking to get in touch, DailySocial provides contact options through their website for general inquiries or for submitting pitches.  


Katadata is a news outlet covering business, capital markets, banking, investment, national politics, technology, and startups. It primarily publishes in Bahasa Indonesia, with some subcategories available in English. According to Similarweb, it receives 22.26 million views per month.

The outlet offers market research services, providing insights on specific topics through in-depth articles, independent research, and infographics. Additionally, Katadata includes a subcategory on sustainability. Contact details and submission guidelines for pitches are available on their website.

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Technologue ID

Technologue is a digital media portal that updates on technology news, including startups, gadgets, the internet, product reviews, and viral news. It averages 105,169 views per month, as reported by Similarweb. The portal focuses on gadgets and its business category emphasizes emerging technology from a business standpoint. Content is presented in Bahasa Indonesia. For contact, Technologue can be reached via email for editorial inquiries at and for marketing and partnerships at

Tech in Asia Indonesia

Tech in Asia Indonesia serves as both a media and events platform for the tech community across Indonesia and Asia. It offers news, analysis, and insights on current tech industry trends and organizes events that bring together startups, investors, and tech professionals. Founded in 2010 with its headquarters in Singapore, Tech in Asia has expanded its presence with offices in Jakarta, Indonesia, and Bangalore, India. The platform boasts over 1 million registered users and its website attracts over 10 million monthly visitors.

In Indonesia, Tech in Asia's website garners an average of 22.26 million views per month, according to Similarweb, making it a significant resource for those interested in the tech scene within Indonesia and the broader Asian region. It provides a comprehensive overview of the latest trends in the tech industry and facilitates networking opportunities through its events. For submissions of press releases or pitches, Tech in Asia Indonesia directs individuals to their website.

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Bisnis Indonesia

Bisnis Indonesia is a news portal that offers the latest updates on business, economy, finance, and investment in Indonesia, making it a key resource for those keen on following the Indonesian economic scene. The portal extends its coverage to an English-speaking audience, addressing similar themes to ensure accessibility for a global audience.

The service provides comprehensive coverage through various features such as detailed news updates, navigation aids for businesses, market data, economic analyses, and expert opinions. The news portal is essential for investors and individuals interested in economic and investment insights, particularly useful for announcements related to funding or company milestones.

According to Similarweb, the portal attracts 57.34 million views per month, highlighting its extensive reach. For press release submissions or pitches, contact information is available on their information page.

IDN Times

IDN Times is a media platform catering specifically to Generation Z in Indonesia, established in 2014. It has quickly risen to become a favored news source among the youth, offering a wide array of topics such as news, entertainment, lifestyle, and sports. Beyond traditional news, IDN Times engages its audience with original content, including videos, podcasts, and articles.

The platform is accessible through its website, mobile app, and various social media channels, boasting over 50 million social media followers and averaging 117.5 million website visitors monthly, as reported by Similarweb. It features a dedicated technology section that delves into the latest trends, gadgets, and games, making it a pivotal resource for Indonesian youth staying informed on current events and discussions. IDN Times, with its content in Bahasa Indonesia and multiple offices across the country, is particularly suited for startups targeting Gen Z. For inquiries or information, IDN Times welcomes contact through their website.

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ANTARA News is a state-owned news agency in Indonesia, established in 1937 with its headquarters in Jakarta. It operates a network of bureaus across Indonesia and internationally, offering news in Indonesian, English, and other languages. As a primary source of news and information in Indonesia, ANTARA News covers a wide array of topics including politics, economics, business, sports, and culture, alongside producing news documentaries and feature stories.

The agency is known for its comprehensive coverage, delivering news from both Indonesia and around the globe. Its multilingual and multimedia content caters to a diverse audience, supported by a robust online presence through its website and mobile app.

While technology is not its main focus, ANTARA News maintains a technology category that includes product launches, gadget reviews, regulatory updates regarding tech, and features on major platforms or mobile apps. It attracts an average of 29.55 million visitors per month, as per Similarweb data. For editorial inquiries or press release submissions, contact details are provided on their website.

The Jakarta Post

The Jakarta Post, established on April 25, 1983, is a daily newspaper published in English in Indonesia, headquartered in Jakarta. It primarily targets Indonesian businesspeople, educated Indonesians, and foreigners, covering a broad spectrum of topics. These include national and international politics, society, current events, economic trends, cultural aspects, and sports, with a focus on football. The paper also features editorial and opinion pieces offering commentary and analysis on various subjects.

Notable for its pro-democracy stance and commitment to independent journalism, The Jakarta Post competes with other English-language newspapers but maintains its status as a leading news source in Indonesia.

Its technology coverage is incorporated within the business section, addressing tech news, trends, and their economic impact, including regulatory updates and financial insights. The Jakarta Post attracts an average of 2.788 million views per month, according to Similarweb, and offers both free and premium content. For editorial submissions and press releases, contact details are available on their website.

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Tekno Kompas

Tekno Kompas is part of and specializes in technology and gadgets. It offers news, reviews, and information on a variety of tech topics. These include updates on gadgets like smartphones and laptops, trends in technology such as AI and VR, along with insights into apps, internet services, and the gaming world.

The section is valued for its accurate and detailed tech content, appealing to a wide audience interested in technology updates. With 15.26 million monthly views, according to Similarweb, it is a key source for tech news in Indonesia. Contact information and further inquiries can be found on their website.


Liputan6 provides the latest tech information in Indonesia under its technology news section. It covers a wide range of topics important for startups, such as new gadgets, app and software reviews, internet services, and social media trends. This section is especially useful for startups looking to stay updated with technological advancements and digital tools that could impact their business.

The website is a valuable resource for startups needing insights on the tech market, tips for using technology, and updates on the gaming industry. With its extensive reach, evidenced by the high number of monthly visitors, Liputan6 Tekno offers startups a chance to gain visibility among a broad audience. For startups interested in sharing news or learning more, Liputan6 provides a way to submit inquiries or press releases through their website.

CNN Indonesia

CNN Indonesia is an Indonesian news portal with a special section for technology news, aimed at a wide audience. This section offers updates on gadgets, apps, the internet, startups, and tech trends. It focuses on both local and regional developments, providing reviews, tutorials, and news on technology advancements and their societal impacts.

The tech section is known for its thorough analysis, expert opinions, and engaging video content. CNN Indonesia encourages user interaction through comments and has a strong social media presence. With an average of 199.9 million visitors per month, it's a key platform for tech news in Indonesia. For press releases or contact, their website offers detailed information.

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Lastly, preparing an effective pitch is crucial for startups aiming to penetrate new markets. Customizing each pitch for the preferences and interests of the media outlet's audience is essential. Knowing the target audience and ensuring your startup's story resonates with them can greatly increase the likelihood of your pitch being accepted.

Proper follow-up practices and building ongoing relationships with journalists are also the keys to securing media coverage. Additionally, partnering with the right PR firm can be invaluable, especially for startups with lean PR teams. These firms bring experience and expertise in specific areas and target locations, enhancing your chances of making a successful market entry.

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