Voices partners StackAdapt to make audio marketing interesting

Users are now encouraged to hop between Voices and StackAdapt to create and publish audio ads at scale.

Voices partners StackAdapt to make audio marketing interesting

Savvy marketers should consider mixing audio ads into their campaigns to gain an edge over the competition. According to Nielsen Media Lab, audio ads have a 24% higher recall rate than traditional display ads. The growing space is poised to surge by 23.5% this year, reaching US$32.2 billion.

To help marketers create and distribute audio ads at scale, US-based voice-over marketplace Voices recently announced a partnership with Canadadian programmatic advertising platform StackAdapt.

It’s worth noting that there don’t seem to be any tech integrations happening with this partnership. Instead, the two platforms seem to just be sharing customers with each other -- a proper oddity in the modern marketing space, to say the least. If we had to guess, the co-op is likely a precursor to technical integrations still in the works.

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“Marketers have saturated the eyes and are moving on to the ears,” said David Ciccarelli, Voices Founder and CEO. “Widespread screen fatigue and brands’ search for whitespace in the marketing landscape are two reasons why marketers are turning to sonic identities and delivery via audio ads.”

With Voices, marketers can post jobs and work with voice-over talents to build audio advertising assets. Afterward, they’re encouraged to hop over to StackAdapt to publish the ads on various channels like Spotify, SoundCloud, Pandora, YouTube, and various mobile apps.

“The new programmatic audio advertising platforms now amplify visual display ads with the power of voice — and with a high, measurable success rate. The narrative power of voices added to traditional display advertising creates moments of auditory humanity — and that is something we long for in a socially distant and increasingly remote world,” said Ciccarelli.

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The competition

Launched in 2005, Voices claims to be one of the world’s biggest voice-over marketplaces in the world, with more than one million members and customers in 160 countries. The firm built a voice recommendation engine called VoiceMatch to help clients sort candidates faster based on desired voice attributes. Clients have used these audio assets for various purposes like advertising, entertainment, gaming, training, corporate content, industrial applications, and more.

Founded in 2013, StackAdapt uses machine learning and data science in a bid to help marketers optimize their ad campaigns. The platform is regarded highly on business software review site G2, where StackAdapt is considered one of the industry leaders in terms of usability and functions.

Voices is currently competing against fellow voice-over marketplaces like Voiceovers.com and Voice123. StackAdapt alternatives include SmartyAds and AdRoll.

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