Three reasons why press releases are essential

There's big business in the world of publicity, and press releases are at the heart of it. But why?

Three reasons why press releases are essential

Getting media coverage is essential for brands to reach their audience, as well as to capture new market segments. Despite growing distrust in the media, it is ironically still the most trusted source of information for the masses, according to an Edelman trust report.

Media coverage can also help share the latest developments about your brand and reach your target audience – definitely a necessity in your marketing strategy.

But how exactly do brands get media coverage? One of the most effective methods is sending press releases to media organizations and journalists. It is one way of introducing your brand to media entities. It is also cost-effective because sending a press release won’t break the bank, and you can even write it yourself.

In the first of this three-part series on press releases, we will list out three reasons why press releases are important for your business and marketing strategy.

But firstly… what is a press release?

Press releases are formal and official announcements issued by businesses and organizations to convey a new product or service or the latest development to its target audience through media outlets and journalists.

A press release is a formal announcement because it uses formal language and follows a specified format that includes an organization's header. It is also an official announcement since a press release originates from the company or the organization itself.

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Moreover, press releases always share something new such as launching a new product or the latest development in a business. Lastly, a press release is distributed to media outlets and journalists to get press coverage for something new in a company or organization.

Why are press releases important?

You establish a relationship with the media.

News outlets and journalists need stories for their job. By providing them with press releases, you are giving them stories to write. It helps establish a mutual relationship between you and media outfits, which will prove valuable if you will need media coverage in the future.

You engage the media.

Getting media coverage is one way of boosting your brand awareness. You reach out to news outlets and journalists through a press release. It also helps you build your network of media practitioners and journalists, known as media contacts, which you could tap into to talk about your brand.

You establish a narrative about your brand.

Press releases can assist you in controlling your narrative or how to tell your story. It is beneficial during a crisis because press releases can help tell your side of the story. It can also help clarify issues and help you regain a positive brand image.

These are three powerful reasons why press releases are still one of the top marketing tools of choice today for millions of brands across the world.

Watch out for the second and third parts of this series, where we will talk more about the significance of press releases and some tips on how to write an effective one.

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