Accor launches 'For ALL the Travellers in You' campaign with thousands of videos to captivate globally

Accor's 'For ALL the Travellers in You' campaign leverages thousands of videos and partnership with beautiful destinations for enhanced brand storytelling

Accor launches 'For ALL the Travellers in You' campaign with thousands of videos to captivate globally

Accor, a global hospitality company with a wide range of hotels and resorts, has launched a new marketing campaign titled "For ALL the travellers in You," aimed at showcasing its diverse brands and enticing destinations worldwide. Accor partnered with the content studio Beautiful Destinations. Through this collaboration, Accor plans to utilize engaging video content and emotional storytelling to resonate with a wider audience, thereby enhancing the consumer experience.

The campaign’s theme, "From dawn to dusk," covers a broad spectrum of experiences across 21 destinations in Asia, the Pacific, and the Middle East, highlighting 67 hotels. With plans to expand to 20 more locations, the scope of this campaign is truly expansive. The partnership has already produced a significant amount of content, including over 2,000 photos, more than 400 short videos, and 400 vertical videos, all tailored to boost various marketing efforts—from enhancing events to aiding in member recruitment and partner pitches.

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"We are incredibly excited about this groundbreaking initiative, which represents a pivotal moment for Accor in revolutionising hospitality marketing. Partnering Beautiful Destinations brings an unparalleled level of reach, innovation, and stunning visual aesthetic to our campaign," said Kerry Healy, Accor's ceo for the Middle East, Africa, Turkey, and Asia Pacific regions.

Jeremy Jauncey, the founder and CEO of Beautiful Destinations, expressed pride in this partnership. "It is widely understood that many guests now begin their travel planning on social media and with video content, so to provide what guests need at each stage of the consideration funnel, Accor is leading the way in hospitality marketing by launching such a comprehensive content strategy," Jauncey highlights.

Comparatively, initiatives like Changi Airport group’s "Travel A to Z" contest further illustrate the industry's shift towards interactive and engaging marketing strategies that capitalize on the increasing trend of travel.

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Other hospitality campaigns by hotel juggernauts

Marriott International launched a creative campaign called “Let Your Mind Travel” under its luxury brands portfolio, including St. Regis, The Luxury Collection, and W Hotels. The campaign focused on creating an emotional connection with travelers by evoking the transformative powers of travel.

Using a blend of high-quality, immersive video content and engaging storytelling, the campaign portrayed travel as a means to expand personal boundaries and explore new experiences. This initiative highlighted the luxury and unique qualities of Marriott’s destinations, encouraging guests to indulge in exceptional environments that stimulate creativity and personal growth.

Hilton aimed to improve the booking experience with its “Expect Better, Expect Hilton” campaign, which emphasized the benefits of booking directly through Hilton’s channels. The campaign featured celebrity spokesperson Anna Kendrick in humorous TV spots and digital content that highlighted common travel frustrations and how Hilton provides solutions.

This strategy not only promoted Hilton’s customer-first approach but also underscored the perks of loyalty program membership, such as exclusive discounts and a price match guarantee, fostering a sense of value and trust among travelers.

Hyatt launched the “Find” campaign to promote its wellness offerings across its global network, highlighting the importance of maintaining personal well-being while traveling. This campaign showcased a series of experiences available at various Hyatt properties that were designed to rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit.

From guided meditation sessions at sunrise to unique culinary experiences focused on health, Hyatt’s campaign connected deeply with travelers seeking balance and wellness in their journeys. The campaign utilized beautiful, serene imagery and storytelling to draw attention to these wellness initiatives, appealing to a growing demographic of health-conscious travelers.

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