SEO software Ahrefs rolls out usage-based pricing

Shifting to a new business model, SEO suite Ahrefs is betting that customers will be happy to only pay for the tools they use.

SEO software Ahrefs rolls out usage-based pricing

Ahrefs, one of the bigger players in search engine optimization (SEO) software, recently announced new 'usage-based' pricing.

The shift is meant to bring more value to marketing and SEO teams who only use certain tools in the suite.

By giving users the all-in-one toolset – which includes things like auditing, competitor and content analysis, keyword research, and rank tracking – Ahrefs asked customers to pay for the entire package.

Opting in meant gaining access to every tool, but this now appears to not have been applicable to all customers.

With a more nimble usage-based model, Ahrefs users can now enjoy SEO tools relevant to their unique needs (ala carte), without paying more for unnecessary extras.

The revamped model comes with new features and flexibility, all of which are supposed to make Ahrefs a more valuable weapon for SEO-driven brands and publishers.

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One of the key ways Ahrefs is doing this is by removing the need to purchase additional user seats. Instead, the company is now encouraging customers to add their entire teams into the Ahrefs ecosystem, with costs incurring only when there is usage.

In this way, everyone on a content team can draw insights and look at data without additional overhead.

There is also a change to the way reports work in Ahrefs. Every user may now access up to five reports per month, at no cost. Weekly limits have been replaced with global monthly limits.

The new model aims to make sure customers have more control and choices when it comes to payment.

Those with clear, robust needs can opt for the pre-purchase of data add-ons for the month or year at a cheaper rate, safe in the fact that they can use Ahrefs and its toolset for whatever they need. Should the allowance be used up, pay-as-you-go pricing can then apply.

Ahref's new model can supposedly be tailored to the needs of all businesses, be it for tracking keywords, reports, projects, and more.

It remains to be seen what response, if any, competitors like SEMrush and Similarweb will offer customers in the SEO space.

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