Is a content writing service still worth it for your blog?

Deciding between AI and human content writing? We cover time, expertise, SEO, and cost to help you choose what's best for your blog.

Is a content writing service still worth it for your blog?

Everyone wants great content for their blog, and human writers have always been the best at making it interesting and real, which helps businesses grow. But lately, something new called "AI" is changing how content is made. These AI tools can now write like humans, but much faster and maybe even cheaper. So, with AI offering quicker and potentially less expensive options, should companies still hire human writers for their blogs?

In this article, we'll delve deeper into the unique advantages of using a content writing service to help you decide if it's still the right fit for your blog's needs.


Using a content writing service saves a lot of time. When you let professional writers handle your content, you can spend your time on other important parts of your business or life. AI can write quickly, but humans often need to check AI's work to make sure it sounds right and is accurate. So, even though AI is fast, having people write your content saves you time because it needs less checking.

Expertise and consistency

Professional writers know a lot about specific topics and can write in a way that matches your brand. They understand your audience and can write in a way that keeps your readers interested. AI can't really do this yet. Writers can make sure all your content feels the same, which is good for keeping your readers coming back.

SEO optimization

Writers who know about SEO can help your blog show up better in search results. AI can use keywords, but sometimes it doesn't sound natural. Human writers can use keywords in a way that feels more natural and follows the latest SEO rules. This makes your blog easier to find and read.

Increased content output

Having writers can help you put out more content regularly. This means more people might visit your blog. AI writes fast but might not understand exactly what you need like a human writer would. Also, AI's content can be kind of basic and not as interesting.

Content variety

Writers can make different kinds of content to keep your blog interesting. AI has a harder time doing this. Writers can change up the style and format of your content, making sure there's always something new for your readers to enjoy.


It's true that hiring content writing services costs money. The price can vary based on what you need, like how much content you want and how specialized the topics are. If you're worried about cost, you might consider hiring freelance writers, who can sometimes be more affordable. Another option is to learn how to write SEO content yourself. This can take time but can save money in the long run.

Loss of control

Some might worry that using a content service means losing control over their blog's voice and what gets published. However, working closely with writers ensures they understand and keep your unique voice and brand. You always get to check and approve the final content before it goes live. This way, you can make sure everything fits what you want your blog to be.

To sum it up, AI can quickly create content for less money, but the unique insights from real writers make a big difference for your blog. By using both AI for speed and data and humans for their understanding and creativity, companies get the best results. You can check out content writing services that blend AI with human touch on this page.

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This approach ensures your content benefits from the efficiency of AI and the depth that only human writers can provide, giving your blog the edge it needs.

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