ContentGrow’s dashboard lets media owners stay hands-off

Feeding the sales monster, maintaining culture, balancing the books. Steering the ship means swamped media owners simply cannot be involved in everything.

ContentGrow’s dashboard lets media owners stay hands-off

Online media owners have a million balls to juggle. Feeding the hungry sales monster, holding meetings, maintaining company culture, balancing the books, you name it. Steering the ship as a whole means there’s just no way that a swamped entrepreneur can get down on the execution level day-to-day; nor should they be expected to.

Your business can’t scale if you have to be hands-on with every project. It’s imperative for owners to be able to build projects, assign teams to handle them, and then simply step away.

To help, we built the company dashboard on ContentGrow to help you do exactly that.

Company dashboard for delegation and monitoring

Stay organized

ContentGrow’s company dashboard is designed to help the publication owner monitor progress of her projects and manage contributors. After registering and logging in, you will be greeted by a side panel with projects and contributors lists. As the company owner, you’re also able to see a quick overview of how many projects and contributors the publication currently has.

To keep everything tidy, the work is grouped by project. On ContentGrow, projects are currently tailored to writing agencies specifically (this will evolve in the future). As such, there’s a section within each project called articles. Managers can click on this area to build a brief.  

Each project also has an area where managers can view inbound creative pitches from their teams. This is also where contributors can submit their ideas, so it all pretty straightforward.  

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The interface is simple, too. When you click on a project, you can see a detailed overview, along with simple statistics that the project has yielded so far.

Tip: This is useful for knowing exactly how active the freelance team has been when it comes to submitting creative pitches to your manager.

After creating your first project, its status will be marked as open. This means that before it can get underway, you first must assign a manager to oversee the day-to-day of the project. Assign anyone from your contributors list whom you’ve given manager status to.

Next, the status will be updated to progress and from here on, the manager will be in charge of handling the pitches, articles, and team from his contributor dashboard.

Contributor dashboard for execution

The contributor dashboard is designed to help everyone stay up-to-date with their work. As a contributor, you’ll see two lists of assignments — those that are already yours and those that are still open to be claimed.

You can also see the projects you’re currently a part of, as well as a calendar populated with your due dates for the month. Let’s take a close look.

My assignments is where you see the list of work already assigned to you. Assignments are either routed straight to you from the project manager or they are ones you’ve voluntarily claimed. On the card, you can see key details like status, title, fee, and your specific role on the assignment.

Action buttons on the card are different based on your role and the status of the assignment. For example, if your role on an assignment is writer and the status is assigned, the main action is to submit once you’re finished writing the story.

To the right is the list of open assignments you can claim. The interface is similar, except the status is always open and the main action is to claim the assignment.

On the bottom left, you can see my projects. On each card, there are button shortcuts to view the details of the project but also to pitch creative ideas for it.

As a contributor, often a project requires you to pitch first before getting an assignment. This is where you can unleash your creativity and suggest a story you want to work on! After submitting your pitch, the manager will be notified automatically by the platform.

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