Improving display ads in 2024: strategies for success

Explore the tips to improve your display ads and its role in today’s digital marketing strategies.

Improving display ads in 2024: strategies for success

From work to shopping to social connections, digital platforms have become our go-to. Digital marketers have keenly observed this shift, recognizing the potential for online advertising. Research predicts that global digital ad spending will soar to around US$696 billion by 2024, driven by businesses increasingly leveraging online ads to reach prospects, enhance brand awareness, and solidify market presence.

Display ads, often seen as banner ads across apps, websites, and social media, are a cornerstone of online paid advertising. These ads stand apart from search engine-driven campaigns like Google Ads, owing to their visual appeal. Marketers aiming to harness display ads must navigate through various ad networks, each offering unique opportunities to capture their audience's attention.

Benefits of combining traditional and digital marketing for businesses
Digital marketing is everywhere, but it’s not the only channel you have to boost your marketing efforts. Here are five benefits of combining both to give your business that edge.

Maximizing your display ads’ effectiveness

1. Targeting mastery

The digital landscape thrives on precise targeting. Identifying your audience through detailed buyer personas and in-depth research is crucial. Utilize keyword and placement targeting to ensure your ads appear in relevant searches and on chosen websites. Display targeting further refines this by reaching users genuinely interested in your offerings.

Tools to try: Google Analytics, Facebook Insights

2. Crafting compelling ads

Your ads should do more than just attract; they should persuade. High-quality visuals and content that tell a story can spark emotional connections with viewers. This approach also opens doors for A/B testing, allowing you to discover what truly resonates with your audience.

Tools to try: Canva, Adobe Spark

3. Embracing interactive elements

Move beyond static ads by integrating interactive elements like audio, video, or expandable features. These rich media ads can significantly enhance engagement, but it's essential to balance the investment against the return on investment (ROI).

Tools to try: Adobe Animate, H5P

4. Optimized landing pages

The end goal of display ads is often to generate leads and, subsequently, revenue. Thus, creating landing pages that align with your ad's message, featuring compelling CTAs, easy-to-fill forms, and mobile-friendly designs, is paramount.

Tools to try: Unbounce, Leadpages

5. Mobile compatibility

With the majority of digital interactions occurring on smartphones, ensuring your ads are optimized for mobile devices is non-negotiable. Mobile-friendly ads can vastly increase your reach and conversion potential.

Tools to try: Google Mobile-Friendly Test, BrowserStack

6. Leveraging remarketing

Remarketing remains a potent tool in the marketer's toolkit, especially as traditional methods like third-party cookies become obsolete. Innovating new retargeting strategies will be key to maintaining engagement and conversion rates.

Tools to try: AdRoll, Google Ads Remarketing

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How global brands have utilized these tips

Netflix uses advanced targeting and personalization techniques to refine its marketing strategies. Through data analytics and machine learning algorithms, Netflix customizes its display ads to align with the viewing preferences and habits of its audience.

Nike employs high-quality visuals and content in its display ads, which often depict stories of athletes and individuals facing challenges. This approach aims to connect with its target audience on a relatable level. Similarly, IKEA has adopted interactive display ads by integrating augmented reality (AR) features, enabling users to visualize how furniture items would appear in their personal spaces.

Display ads are a dynamic and effective way to engage digital audiences. By focusing on targeted strategies, compelling content, and innovative formats, marketers can harness their full potential. As the digital landscape evolves, staying ahead with creative, optimized, and technically sound display ad practices will be key to success.

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